Press Secretary of the President called “nonsense” the suggestion that Mikhail Mishustin may not return after recovery in the armchair of the head of the government. It is unlikely, however, the subject can be considered exhausted. To assess the prospects went to the hospital the Prime Minister, we asked well-known Russian political analysts Boris Makarenko and Valeriy Solovey.

Proponents of a version of the “nevozvraschentsev” pay attention to unusual form, which was a temporary replacement for the bridge government: first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov was appointed acting head of the Cabinet by a special presidential decree. And it is acting and not acting.

Another portion of the fuel to the fire of conspiracy – a view allegedly shared by many people in power that Mishustin was, so to say, not at ease. What he puts forward a completely different task: to increase revenues, speed up the economy, not to save her. In General, the furrow, as they say, spoiled, big mistakes, but for the current situation, it would be better, they say, approached the specialist of a profile.

whether all this “nonsense” either the smoke still was not without fire, was the basis for projections-return mishustina?

Boris Makarenko, President of the Center for political technologies:

– No, what the Cabinet mishustina came under another agenda is the truth. But in fact there are no rooms set aside specifically for vermachtnis crisis. None of these offices is not pre-formed. It’s impossible. As for how Mishustin was done to evaluate yet. But in my opinion, his team earned smoothly and quickly and has withstood the first blow. In any case – not made of disorganization and loss of control.

Those who say that Mishustin not suitable for the current situation, we must ask the question: who would, in their opinion, fit? Specialist what type? Since a significant part of crisis management is the optimal use of resources, people, major of which is associated with the ability to count money, to this work, I think, is quite applicable. Is quite in its place.

And another. No government since the days of Primakov – well, except for Putin, but still Putin as Prime Minister, we would take out the brackets – was not subjected to trial by publicity. We have not seen the government in your TV on a daily basis. Here follows each other different conference calls, reports, statements of the Prime Minister.

Mishustin, who never was a public policy, with this test, I feel that I handled on five with a minus. As well as the members of his Cabinet.

If to speak about its further fate, the President we have, as of��actually, has the right to dismiss the Prime Minister and the government without explanation and at any time. So to say that it is possible not just to determine.

However, the reason for talking about a possible change of the head office is mainly served as a decree on appointment of acting Prime Minister. And that is not acting, and acting, I would not began to do from this one far-reaching conclusions.

the Situation is unprecedented. Never before has the Prime Minister had left us due to a serious illness. Especially in the middle of the unfinished crisis. The President, Yes, it happened – Yeltsin in 1996. And Prime never.

in addition, it is impossible not to take into account that a person, who, being in the chair of Prime Minister, quite confidently passed the hundred day milestone, whose rating was growing up, was bound to see many “well-wishers”.

Valery Solovei, a political analyst:

– It’s not really “nonsense.” Any event of this sort in Russia can not stimulate a variety of political rumors and reflections. They replace our public political life. But it’s not just a rumor. There is a kind of political game, an attempt to create the impression that decisions are ready and almost a foregone conclusion. Although this is absolutely not true.

But I can exactly say – at least, as of noon on the first of may, – that no decisions about the fate of the Prime Minister, about his replacement is not accepted. Not that decisions, and, in my opinion, not even any options for this account have not been worked out.

as for the tasks, which were taken Mishustin, he was taken in the first place as someone who not only completely loyal, but who would not dare to show the grain of independence in the time of complicated transition to a new configuration of power. His task was to ensure the economic status quo at the time of potential political instability.

Yes, today the crisis Manager is needed. But the question is: if any such in the Russian government? For example, the Belousov – figure who enjoys the personal confidence of the President. But no influential financial-political groups would not want to deal with him due to his political and economic views.

Well, the acting or the acting – I don’t think it is so important. This is the vizantiyshchina. Attention to detail, rising to the traditions of kremlinology and Sovietology. Who is next to whom stands on the podium of the Mausoleum. It does not mean anything. Believe me.

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