The sad anniversary of the presidency Zelensky too many patients for the holiday

on April 21, exactly a year to the triumphal victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the 2nd round of elections of the President of Ukraine. All economic and especially political benchmarks neighbors significantly “dipped” to brag about almost nothing. Were not fulfilled the main promise of the then 41-year-old candidate of the President: to end the war in the Donbass. Despite all the obvious lapses, the head of the OP Andrey Ermak to sign for his patron the day he admitted that “affected the mind and genius of Vladimir Aleksandrovich”. To the next “retreat” Zelensky on the front against the growing power of Ukraine coronavirus infection have no mind or genius have no relationship. Although perhaps they are intentionally “held back” in order to lull the vigilance of the “enemy” before the decisive throw.

a positive From today’s news: Minister of health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov finally pleased with Ukrainian doctors. “Soon” they will distribute protective suits. Currently 1138 doctors sick COVID-19. In fairness it should be noted: some people in white coats were not infected during the provision of medical care to patients with already installed “actual” diagnosis, and, so to speak, “by household”. That is, by chance.

the health Ministry admitted that at the time of deployment of active counter-proliferation in the country coronavirus “emergency reserve” of necessary medicines, medical equipment and materials (including masks for health care workers) was close to zero. Okoloogilise dealers had profitable to sell in China and European country goods, which, as they imagined, is not useful for citizens.

In the Northern Ukraine, as practice has shown, coronavirus increasingly “pick up” children. For example, in Zhytomyr region patients of a young age already has 21 of the 270 infected. In the Zhitomir district on the first day of the Orthodox Easter COVID-19 diagnosed 11-year-old boy.

In Chernihiv coronavirus managed to identify… routine upon completion of the hearing. In the same district court heard the case on remand to a certain citizen, hiding from the Ukrainian justice abroad. Not long ago, a man escaping from the “Chinese plague”, was considered more safe to return home. Where he was captured after crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border. The suspect according to the decision of the district court was placed under house arrest. Just in case the man was tested. Untold horror of the convoy, was that their mentee is ill. Police officers, who all this time were with him, got rid of to the isolation. Courthouse, where arrived from the Republic of Poland national “brought greetings from Europe”, was subjected to a thorough desiPeccei. The judge and the court clerk has expressed a desire to isolate themselves. From April 22 court visitors and trial participants promised to let into the Temple of Themis, but purely in masks, wearing gloves and after carrying out temperature screening of each.

held on Tuesday in the Office of the President of Ukraine the meeting, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal claimed to timely declare the country of quarantine, it “helped to avoid a critical situation with a number of cases”. Remedies, as assured the head of state Vladimir Zelensky, the Republic will last for three weeks. In the future, the Ministry will buy everything under the simplified procedure.

because of the quarantine, the level of crime in the country seems to have decreased, while 15 percent increase in the number of Internet scams, especially in the part of the fake sale of PPE. “All online platforms such crooks should be closed”, – said Vladimir Zelensky, advising people to buy food, manufactured goods and the same means of protection solely on trusted sites.