Mikhail Efremov lost consciousness in the court room. Not at home, not on the way to the meeting, namely in the eyes of the General public that was the reason some doubt the veracity of what is happening.

Efremov on a stretcher left the courthouse. He was hospitalized in one of capital clinics with a suspected heart attack or stroke. In the end, the diagnosis was not confirmed and the artist was sent home.

There is an opinion that this is another move Elman Pashayev. The lawyer is interested in delay in the trial. He advises his client what to say and what to do. A lawyer knows how to get Ephraim out of trouble.

The actor does not consider himself guilty in an accident. He admits that his car caused the collision with a car courier Sergei Zakharov, but no more. Perhaps if Ephraim gave the word, he would have said that he did not remember details of the accident. This would help to mitigate the punishment. Remains only to wonder what was up with the Pasha.

Yuri Loza on his Facebook suggested that Efremov could play a role patient. There is a list of diseases in which the date of execution of the sentence may be drawn up to “forever”. Vine is going to follow closely the state of the actor, because he knows that strokes and heart attacks affect everyone, not just for speech and memory.

The musician is the sad experience of his father after a similar diagnosis out of the hospital is actually invalid. The subject of health to the Vines is very serious. He would not act on this subject and very surprised if they understand that Efremov could play on the feelings of the Russians, deceiving them.

Although Vine admits that the actors should not be trusted. It is unclear whether Efremov for real or playing some kind of imposed Elman Pashayev, role. After all, to portray a patient is easy, it requires only basic acting skills, I’m sure the Vine.

Efremov home now, but he has made the postponement on 18 August. The trial is delayed all the time.