Flights between Russia and other countries will begin as soon as August. As reported by the press service of Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), said the Turkish travel company Anex Group of Neset Kochkar.

On 27 March, as reported by “the Rambler”, the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, Russia had suspended international flights, and 30 March — closed land and river borders.

Today Kochkar said that flights between Russia and other countries will not resume in the near future. In his opinion, in the best case this will happen on 1 August, in the worst — September-October.

Also the head of the Anex Group noted that the return of Russians to the Turkish resorts associated with epidemiological risk in Russia is still quite a lot of detected cases of coronavirus infection on a daily basis, which threatens the outbreak of disease in Turkey.

In addition, he expressed confidence that the pandemic coronavirus infection has changed the tourism sector is forever — it can’t work still because of the coronavirus will never disappear.