Russian President Vladimir Putin has tightened the Disciplinary Charter of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation from 2007. Now the military men are forbidden to disseminate information about their own and others ‘ belonging to the sun. They should also carry a means of communication through which you can store or distribute via the Internet a variety of materials and geo-location information.

the Russian military was forbidden to distribute in the Internet or the media, which will allow you to identify them as belonging to the Armed forces of Russia. Besides gross misconduct will be considered a placement of information about other military personnel and their families. The corresponding decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on introducing amendments to the Disciplinary regulations of the armed forces from 2007 published on the official Internet portal legal information.

military personnel are also forbidden to disclose information about those who were dismissed from military service, members of their families or their parents. In particular, not to disseminate information that allows to determine the whereabouts of these people in a certain period.

Another ban on disclosing information about the deployment or redeployment of military authorities.

the Military also can not carry electronic products, household products, which can be stored or which allow to distribute over the Internet audio, photos and videos, and location data. Forbid them to wear while fighting, perform tasks in conditions of emergency or martial law, armed conflicts, suppressing international terrorist activities outside of Russia, of combat duty, as well as participation in exercises or campaigns of the ships.

a Number of changes were made to the Charter of garrison and guard services of Armed forces of Russia. In particular, the guard commander, his assistants, and razvodyatsya time now can use a personal means of communication, but also to be in possession of electronic products, household products, if they can be stored or can be distributed through the online materials and data geolocation. This prohibition applies to the maintenance of order in the guardroom.

It also marked a ban on the use of electronic products, which can determine the geolocation of the soldier.

It applies, in particular, on inspectors of the military police in the guard at the guardhouse, and the guards and lead in the protection and maintenance contained in the guardhouse of military personnel.

In March last year, Putin signed a Federal law that banned military personnel to place in the media and on the Internet information, disclosing their affiliation and service activities��th. In particular, you cannot distribute photos, videos and location data about themselves and other soldiers.

in addition, they were forbidden in General to have a smartphone. These restrictions also apply to the Russians who were called up for military training.

These categories of citizens it is prohibited to distribute or to provide information “about other servicemen and citizens called up for military training, the citizens discharged from military service, members of their families or their parents.” This data includes the location of the person, his work, activities of military units, bodies, associations and organizations.

the Military banned the use of social networks and gadgets through which you can store and distribute over the Internet audio, photos, video, and data geolocation. At the same time push-button phones can be used.

Later, the defense Ministry has prepared a draft presidential decree, which proposed to expand the list of gross misconduct of the military personnel, including the use of gadgets and communication with the media. The project involved a significant tightening of punishment for military personnel for violation of the rules.

According to the law “On status of servicemen”, for gross misconduct, the military can be lowered in rank or position, discharged or arrested for 30 days. That is, storage, smartphones or communicating with the media suggested to equate to bullying, destruction of military property and unauthorized abandonment of a military unit.