the Past, present and future meet in a number of completely new generationsportrætter of the Danish royal family.

Three brand new kunstportrætbilleder is Tuesday, been published in connection with queen Margrethe of denmark on Thursday, rounds out the 80 year.

the pictures show the Queen with her eldest son, crown prince Frederik, and his eldest child, prince Christian.

the Portraits are all taken in the autumn and winter of last year in Christian IX’s Palace at Amalienborg and Fredensborg palace Slot and behind the camera was the photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen.

Portrætserien is designed in an interaction between the photographer’s research and proposal, as well as the Queen’s own wish to inform the Royal family on its website.

“I am deeply honoured that the Royal family has entrusted me with this task. It is crucial for the picture’s success, that one tells a story about the shooting. I am able to take what comes, and that comes naturally into the picture,” says the photographer.

“With a group picture of the Queen, the crown prince and prince Christian, it was for example important that there was an interaction between the three generations, and it arose completely spontaneously, when the Queen laid his arm about his son and his grandson,” explains Per Morten Abrahamsen on.

There will be published new portraits in the series every morning from the 14. april up to and including the Queen’s birthday.

16. april it is 80 years ago that queen Margrethe was born at Amalienborg palace as the daughter of crown prince Frederik and crown princess Ingrid.

In this connection there was this week scheduled a variety of events and celebrations of the Queen, but as a result of coronaudbruddet they have been canceled.

the Queen gave her ‘yes’ to the frenchman Henri Marie Jean André greve de Laborde de Monpezat – who later became prince Henrik – back in 1967. They were together until his death the previous year.

Together they had two sons: crown Prince Frederik and prince Joachim.