The Republic of Serbia thanks Russia for help

It was marked with words of gratitude and appreciation from Nenad Stefanich, Deputy of the parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and leader of the party “United Serbia”, Deputy General Director of the University clinical centre RS.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG Anna Popova: Immunity to coronavirus have only 3% of Russians

“our Russian colleagues, epidemiologists, anaesthetists-resuscitators, nurses yesterday evening arrived at the airfield Mahovljani, and today work together with us in the ECC. Thank you brothers!”, – said Nenad Stefancic.

meanwhile, Nenad Stefancic openly says that the world has changed in the last decade, and Russia again became an important factor in the international arena. Thus, according to the parliamentarian, the construction of the Russian-Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Royal passion-bearers and cultural center in Banja Luka is an important witness to the spiritual and cultural closeness of our peoples, a serious step towards strengthening of bilateral relations with the Russian Federation.

“the Serbian people are called Emperor Nicholas II as their Saviour. Because the Russian Tsar in the name of saving the Serbs put at stake the existence of their own country, their lives and the lives of his family, – said the politician. – Without the help of the Russian people on the map today would not exist in Serbia. A century later, paying tribute to this feat, we show not only our respect for their ancestors and history, but also a special attitude to the Russian Federation. While we remember all those who for centuries, not sparing the stomach, fought for freedom, and the construction of the Church in Banja Luka, became a symbol of our joint victory in this direction”.

the son of the President of Serbia infected with coronavirus and admitted to hospital

it Should also be noted that the Serbian leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina, met on Thursday Russian specialists at the airport in Banja Luka, did not hide their positive emotions, stressing the importance for the Republic of Serbian fraternal support from Russia. “It is important to note that the help arrived very quickly. This is a confirmation of our good relations and mutual understanding”, – the President of RS Zeljka Cvijanovic. In turn, Milorad Dodik drew attention to the fact that Russia itself faced with a coronavirus. “So I am particularly grateful to the Russians for comprehensive care”, – said the politician.

in addition, my gratitude to the “brotherly Russia” for the invaluable help of NGOs expressed the “Eastern alternative” and “Serb people’s movement – the choice is ours.”

At the moment the number of people infected with coronavirus in the Republika Srpska has reached 381, recorded 14 deaths from COVID-19.