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During the week the specialists from Russia have carried out disinfection of the 25 medical facilities in the capital of Serbia and nearby towns
Russian military doctors and specialists among NBC units were delivered to the Republika Srpska to assist in the fight against COVID-19. It was marked by words of gratitude from Nenad Stefanich, Deputy of the parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Russian experts actively help Serbia in the fight against COVID-19. Russia hopes that this support will prevent the development of Italian and Spanish scenarios in the country
The first Russian Il-76 transport aircraft with military personnel on Board landed at the airport "Batajnica" in Serbia. The vanguard of our military met senior officials in the Prime Minister Ana Brnabic
The first aircraft of Russian air force with military experts and medical equipment, flew to Serbia to assist in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. For the transfer of personnel and equipment you plan to run 11 flights, said the defense Ministry
Friday, March 27, was a heavy day for Europe since the Second world war. This was stated by the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic, commenting on the sad reports of victims of coronavirus from Italy, Spain and other countries
From Serbia to Moscow evacuated 118 Russians, stuck in this Balkan country due to the imposition of emergency. In Serbia remain more than 100 of our compatriots. The Embassy encourages them to stay in touch and be ready for a quick departure
Constant criticism of the US and EU against Russian-Serbian cooperation is a tool of unfair competition, said Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botan-Kharchenko. Such a policy is unacceptable, he said
For the sake of his Majesty "Citation Index", on the grounds that you went off the rails, it seems, all the media and social networks, once again under deliberate stamp "officially" left last comic "news" on the "welcome" and the final appointment of Alexander Panayotov special representative of Russia on "the Eurovision 2020" with the song composer Vladimir Matetskiy and Leonid Gutkin on the words of the poet Mikhail Gutseriev "Tears of my failures." "The song will be performed in Russian", - mentioned separate line proud, like promise the premiere of almost near the Sunday of "Time". While everything from Panayotov and his producer Grigoriy Leps to melanacantha in charge of the case competition in Russia, – says one thing: "Lies, hums and provocation."
Despite the fact that winter has actually come to an end, the season of SARS and influenza is still not over. According to the latest influenza research Institute im. A. A. Smorodintseva in the observed cities Institute, the incidence of these viruses has exceeded the epidemic threshold by almost 16%. The incidence of hospitalization with influenza and SARS have been above its pre-epidemic baseline of 38.4%. These shocking figures are forced to think seriously about how not to fall in the number of patients.
Russia and Serbia are preparing to scale to mark the 75th anniversary of the great Victory over fascism. Moscow and Belgrade have discussed prospects of establishment of the Institute for the protection of historical memory

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