against the backdrop of mass rallies on US coming second wave COVID-19.

Social justice was stronger than social isolation — defying quarantine measures, hundreds of thousands of Americans took to protest due death, a black resident of Minneapolis, George Floyd. The demonstrations coincided with the beginning of the abolition of the epidemiological limitations, and the doctors now warn that the United States is approaching a new wave COVID-19.

Texas — record. Florida record. California — record. Records of these States have established epidemiological, demonstrating a hitherto unseen figures for the number of infected and hospitalized with COVID-19. “In some parts of the country there is a wave (of infections.— “Kommersant”). While she’s still small, still far away. But she goes”, — told the publication Bloomberg Center employee health safety Johns Hopkins Eric Toner.

In some of them, for example in North Carolina, two days in a row is updated in a record number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19. More and more people had been hospitalised in the States of Texas, California, Oregon, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah and Arizona.

For the new outbreak, there are quite objective reasons: for example, in North Carolina and Florida starts the harvest season, outbreaks were registered in temporary camps for seasonal workers.

In the fields often work with immigrants, besides workers of the agricultural sector is often recognized as “indispensable” and the quarantine did not go.

according to Reuters, many workers in such institutions do not feel that they receive sufficient protection from the virus, and therefore dismissed: in may, about a quarter of all nursing homes in the United States were not staffed fully.

in addition, many Americans are tired of the quarantine restrictions and is ready to go to work: according to the CNN poll, there has been approximately 50%. It is significant that about the willingness and desire to return to a normal life, said 73% of Republicans and just 23% of Democrats.

Finally, the role played the situation with large-scale protests due death black American George Floyd.

it is Reported that the coronavirus has infected and officers of the national guard, arrived in Washington for policing.

the Issues caused and the methods of dispersal used by law enforcement officers.

Therefore, in some cities such as Seattle, the police banned the use of gas against the demonstrators.

But symptoms may not become apparent until two weeks after infection, therefore, to talk about the specific effect of the protests on the situation of coronavirus is still too early. If we analyze the statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the largest cities, where meetings were held, you can seeet that the number of cases there is not sharply increased. County of Hennepin (Minnesota), which includes Minneapolis, two weeks prior to the death of George Floyd scored 3.4 thousand cases in the two weeks since — 2,1 thousand a Similar pattern in Washington (up to 1.8 thousand, 1.1 thousand) and new York, (19,3 thousand to, after 8.4 million).

the Exception, however, can be found by analyzing statistics in the Los Angeles: two weeks before the death of Mr. Floyd, there were 13.3 thousand cases two weeks after — 18,1 thousand

At the meeting with representatives of BioIndustry Mr. Fauci urged to remember that COVID-19, which he called his “worst nightmare”, has gone nowhere. “In just four months he emptied the entire world. And this is not the end,” he warned darkly.

Alexey Naumov