Vladimir Zelensky summed up the first year of the reign.

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on Wednesday gave a big press-conference at the end of the first year at the head of the state. In the course of communication with journalists, he had to recall many of his campaign statements and to assess how his reign proved their validity. A lot of attention was paid to the former President of Petro Poroshenko, who yesterday was involved in a new scandal, and now can be charged with treason. “Y” chose the most vivid answers Zelensky.

Responding to a question, do him one term to complete all plans and perform all the promises, Vladimir Zelensky said, “Honestly sincere, one is not enough”. However, when asked whether he will run next time, the President replied: “I think.”

One of the first questions to press-conference asked the man Zelensky called “our special agent”. This journalist Dmitry Gordon, who on may 18 was interviewed former defense Minister of the breakaway Donetsk national Republic (DND) Igor strelkov, and then said that he did it “in collaboration with the security Service of Ukraine”.

Gordon asked, does Vladimir Zelensky, to meet with his counterpart Vladimir Putin after not too fruitful negotiations in December 2019 “does not make sense” because “in the Ukrainian conditions, it is the Donbass will not surrender.”

“We’re not releasing into the space the return of our people, the return of our territory and illegally annexed Crimea. In these conditions it is difficult now, but with Germany, with France, with all we said, all the support that immediately after the decline COVID-19 we must have a meeting at format“”, said Zelensky. He noted that the meeting “channel four” (Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany), which was scheduled for April in Berlin, was not held due coronaviruses.

“We are talking with Russia about a possible exchange (of prisoners.— “B”) after COVID as well,” said Vladimir Zelensky, while not mentioning that we are talking about the exchange with the self-proclaimed DND and LNR.

press-conference Vladimir Zelensky recalled his statement of the time of the election campaign that “you just need to stop to shoot.” “I never called to ensure that our army did not respond. I wanted to show the world, and now we do this, we have a very strong army. But we do not provoke, we are fighting for our country.”

According to him, the attacks provoke the self-proclaimed Republic of Donbass. To stop doing it, in the opinion of the President of Ukraine, “action” can’t because “I don’t knowt what will happen to them later.”

in addition, Vladimir Zelensky said that Kiev has “real information” about the situation with coronavirus in uncontrolled territory, and it is dramatic. “They (the authorities of the DNI and the LC.— “B”) say that they have everything, no, they don’t, — said the President of Ukraine.— We offer them humanitarian aid, not take”. To send her, according to Zelensky, was possible only through the international Committee of the red cross.

During the debate with ex-President Ukraine as a competitor in the presidential race Petro Poroshenko in April of last year Vladimir Zelensky said the phrase: “I’m not your opponent, I am your judgment.” Its journalists also recalled and asked to comment on whether the President Zelensky this sentence for Petro Poroshenko.

“regarding the verdict Poroshenko — I’m sure this and sure that everything is still ahead, said Zelensky, referring to yesterday’s publication of conversations ex-President Ukraine with the former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and former head of us state Department John Kerry.— I think they (the previous government.— “Y”) so governed the country that they are waiting for a lot of different adventures and different sentences. Don’t want to talk about it, because it’s still powers are not mine, and the sentences of the court”.

However, he admitted that what was said by Petro Poroshenko in conversation with Biden and Kerry, “can be perceived, qualified as treason.” “To respond should the Prosecutor’s office and law enforcement agencies. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine (Iryna Venediktova.— “Y”) yesterday filed criminal proceedings at the request of the Deputy (Andrew.— “B”) Derkach. Will be investigated,” he concluded.

Answering the question of what Vladimir Zelensky different from its predecessor, the President replied curtly: “All”.

however, he acknowledged that, in terms of the level of Ukrainian language, this difference is in favor of Poroshenko. “I may not speak French so well Ukrainian but I respect the Ukrainian language,” said Zelensky.

the Journalist of “the Ukrainian truth” novel Kravets asked about why the key positions in the country is people who do not have political experience, but often are familiar with Vladimir Zelensky work in show business. as an example, he cited the new attorney General Irina Venediktova, have not worked in the Prosecutor’s office. Responding to a question, the President went on the attack and even offered the journalist to take any post in his office on the premises.

“Relatively Venediktova I don’t understand your question. I promised that power will come from other people. And when you quote me and say that I promised that will come to power new, other people, you ��it requests me why the attorney General had not worked in the attorney General? Difficult question, I don’t know what to tell you. Because it is a new man,” the President said Zelensky.

After that, Zelensky said that due personnel famine in the country he could not find a Minister of culture and Minister of energy, who will never be accused of links with the oligarchs such as Rinat Akhmetov, Igor Kolomoisky and Victor Pinchuk.

both governments, followed a year of presidency of Vladimir Zelensky, retains the position of a man who was a Minister under Peter Poroshenko. This is the interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

“Arsen Borisovich Avakov’s not my relative or a close friend. On the contrary — he has close friends with whom I do not tovarishestvo. Powerful does he Minister? Yes. His current responsibility is a matter of Sheremeta (killed in 2016, the journalist Pavel Sheremet.— “Kommersant”). He started this business and must bring it to the end that all who killed Sharamet, was punished.”

Prepared Kirill Krivosheev