The police explained what a quarantine is different from isolation mode

“In case of revealing of facts of violation of the regime of isolation, the offender may be brought to administrative responsibility under articles 19.4, 19.5 of the code of administrative offences (Cao) of the Russian Federation”, – told the police.

however, as it turned out, many people confuse the quarantine-isolation. And many moms, for example, reading about the prohibition to walk with a stroller, sure, if you disobey and go out to get some fresh air with your baby, they will be prosecuted. Here it is necessary to clarify that criminal charges a large fine or even time it will face only violators of the quarantine, not isolation, as in the case of mothers or athletes, out on the Playground to work out. the Quarantine is prescribed by doctors the insulating regime, which not all Russians are ready to comply. It is prescribed to those who have returned from countries with poor epidemiological situation (Italy, Spain, Iran, France, etc.), as well as those who have yet unconfirmed symptoms of coronavirus, who had contact with the patient coronavirus infection and who is allowed to be treated at home. The rest of the people prescribed isolation mode, and even in the case of a breach of the criminal liability they face will not.

Photo: Marina Lystseva/TASS Foreigners are allowed to stay in Russia and urged to comply with quarantine

according to a source “RG” in the Metropolitan police, and to administrative responsibility to attract mothers with strollers and bystanders will not. They only recommend to return as soon as possible home, not to contact other persons to avoid crowded places. Can even hold up to the house. Articles will be imputed only to the most careless and irresponsible revelers.

According to article 19.4 Cao, “Nepalithe ance of a lawful order or request of an official of a body exercising state supervision (control), … shall entail a warning or imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount from 500 to one thousand roubles; on officials – from 2 thousand to 4 thousand roubles.”

Article 19.5 of the administrative code provides for punishment for “failure in the period the legal provisions”. That is, if the person will be issued a written order not to violate the isolation, but it will be caught on the street again. Then he will face a fine ranging from 300 to 500 rubles. If the offender will perform the official, then a fine of 1-2 thousand rubles or disqualification for a term up to three years. Legal entities will face a fine in the amount from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Russia has identified 500 new cases of infection with coronavirus

But the violators of quarantine administrative article is not acceptable. “For violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules, entailed on imprudence mass disease people or death of a person, criminal liability – article 236 of the criminal code and punishable by up to imprisonment for up to 5 years”, – reminded in the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Actively responsible and now attract distributors of fakes. March 30 an administrative case under part 9 of article 13.15 of the administrative code “the dissemination in the media and in information-telecommunication networks knowingly false public interest information under the guise of reliable reports” brought against Irkutsk students. “During carrying out of preventive measures aimed at identifying the so-called fake, in one of the chats social network “Vkontakte” discovered a voice mail that the number of infected citizens in Irkutsk and Angarsk exceeded 35 people. During check it is established that the author is 20-year-old resident of the Usolsky district. The student confessed and apologized to users”, – reported in GU Ministry of internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region.

it is Noted that the sanction of imputed girlfriend article provides for a maximum penalty of a fine up to 100 thousand rubles.

police urge all citizens, regardless of age and employment, responsible attitude to the recommendations and the restrictive measures, without the pressing need not to leave home and limit contact with other people. “Remember, we remained at work for YOU, stay at home for US!” – such inscriptions posted on social media on Tuesday all day your pictures in medical masks police.

Photo: Alex Maishev / RIA Novosti Introduced penalties for the distribution of fakes about coronavirus

“during the regime of isolation and quarantine police works in accordance with the law “On police”, Criminal procedure code, the administrative offences Code and the Criminal code of the Russian Federation and other norms of the Federal legislation, – said “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Chairman of the Russian movement “a Strong Russia”, head of the Advisory security Council and the relationship between citizens and law enforcement agencies Anton Tsvetkov. – I am convinced that the police have no Amateur will not, and all its actions will be based strictly on the law, which is currently or will be further made in accordance with the current situation.”

Any action outside the framework of Federal and regional Zachonodelist, according to the expert, will be regarded as excess of powers of office. Control of this exercise, the Prosecutor’s office. “Meanwhile, the police are only explanatory work among citizens, and it is quite effective,” concluded Flowers.