Testing for coronavirus among soldiers the US army has shown an increase. The number of infections exceeds 4 million people. The epidemic is forcing the Pentagon to abandon the teachings and to close on quarantine military bases, both in the U.S. and around the world. The most difficult situation in the naval forces of the United States. Because of the coronavirus, they lose one warship after another.

the U.S. Army continues to lead among armed forces of countries by number of cases of coronavirus. According to the official statement of the Pentagon, the latest test showed another 300 cases of infection with coronavirus in the armed forces. Thus, the total number of cases the us military was 4213 people. The overall infection rate among soldiers is 2006 people per million, or 0.2% of the total strength of the armed forces.

according to the newspaper Military Times, two-thirds of new infections recorded in the U.S. Navy. Flash on the destroyer “Kidd” carrying out job in the Caribbean, resulted in a total testing crew. According to the test results, recorded 47 cases. The coronavirus detected in 969 members of the crew of the USS “Theodore Roosevelt”.

on the American fleet – 1659 cases of infection. 995 infected in the land forces of the United States, 347 cases in the air force and the 304 case in the marine Corps. Contracted 792 National guard troops.

the Military Times notes that the Pentagon expects further growth in the number of cases in the coming weeks. Because of this, the Pentagon is developing a plan for the introduction of regular checks of the employees of strategically important units, regardless seen whether they have symptoms or not.

“Part of our strategy is to find out who has the virus, so we could, obviously, to protect the armed forces, and the other part, to undertake efforts to research, to learn more about the virus,” said Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman.

American media accused the Pentagon that he is hiding the real number of cases. First and foremost, on military bases outside the country. Of the 800 US military bases around the world, information about cases of coronavirus have provided military installations in South Korea, Japan and some countries of Western Europe.

the head of the Pentagon Mike Esper has repeatedly said that the Agency is working on publishing transparent statistics that would be threatened by the disclosure of state secrets the United States.