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From quarantine in the USA was closed to visitors most entertaining institutions. But without entertainment began to suffer not only the people. Sitting in isolation in an empty zoo Kansas city heavily bored Peruvian penguins.

a little to entertain the animals, the zoo staff organized a personal tour of the Museum of art the Nelson-Atkins.

Three penguins (8-year-old Berkeley, 7-year-old Maggie and 5-year-old Babbles) brought to the Museum and released to walk through the empty halls. This honorary delegation was accompanied by not only the keepers of the zoo, but the zoo owner Randy Westhoff and Executive Director of the Museum Julian Zugazagoitia.

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While the penguins enjoyed the pictures huge rooms and pleasant company, they were videotaped and photographed. Later, the Museum Director noted that, according to his observations, animals are more like painting by the Italian Baroque artist Caravaggio, than the French impressionist Claude Monet. The penguins themselves seem to have remained dovolny.

Napomnim that in March the staff of the Shedd aquarium Aquarium in the us city of Chicago have also arranged tour for their penguins.

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