Showdown on the street: A Berlin clan wanted to prevent the deportation of a member with a blockade. Only a special police unit was able to prevail.

An Arab clan from Berlin that security authorities believe is a serious criminal has apparently provoked a ruthless showdown with the police. The court-ordered deportation of a dangerous clan member with a criminal record was temporarily prevented by the use of high-horsepower cars, as research by FOCUS Online shows. The Berlin police have not yet published the incident.  

According to the law, the transport of a deportation detainee to the airport is the responsibility of the state police. A good two months ago, the Berlin Police Department 4 in Section 44 took care of the clan member.

At the station at Zwickauer Damm, which is responsible, among other things, for the southern part of Neukölln, the officers took the Lebanese-born man out of his cell and led him to a civilian car. The destination of the trip was to be Berlin-Brandenburg Airport in Schönefeld. Distance: 11.3 kilometers. A task that Police Department 4 had taken on and completed several times in the past.

But that day everything turned out completely differently. Unfortunately, the police allowed the Lebanese man to make a few more phone calls on his cell phone. Calls to parents, wives and children are common.

However, the Arab is said to have had other priorities: According to the investigation, he alerted his clan via a telephone chain, first complained and then ordered his boys to free him from the police car.

The officers did not register their prisoner’s call for help due to their lack of Arabic knowledge. But just a few minutes later they realized that something threatening to them was underway.

Mighty pick-up trucks and high-horsepower SUVs shot toward the small police escort from all sides. That’s not all: the heavy cars blocked two intersections and two streets leading towards the airport, parked their cars sideways and took away the keys. “All that was needed now was for the clan to shoot,” says one person familiar with the case. “In France, just a few days ago, gangsters shot and killed the police in a similar case!”

A Berlin police officer told FOCUS Online that the clan is said to have placed two children in one of the pick-ups in order to exclude the use of heavy police clearance vehicles.

In the meantime, according to the emergency plan for deportations, Police Directorate 4 had alerted the Federal Police, which is responsible for the last part of deportations. The 55,000-strong federal police, which, in addition to the elite unit GSG 9, also has other teams on standby for special operations, arrived with an apparently impressive, robust force. “The clans also have respect for us,” says a member of the team. The result: The clan ended the road blockades. The Lebanese man changed into a federal police car.

The federal police had just left for the airport when the clan people really stepped on the gas. They followed the police vehicles, sometimes only at short distances. A new level of escalation was looming.

The police received information that the prisoner’s friends had suddenly decided to drive their heavy cars onto the airfield and block the deportation plane – a new dramatic climax in the conflict between criminal Arab clans and the police.

When they arrived in Schönefeld, the federal police were able to shake off their pursuers at short notice and use a secure entrance to transport their prisoner to the deportation point. The men from the clan stood at the security fence with their massive vehicles for a while. It is currently unknown whether they will be held responsible for their traffic-endangering blockade and wild chase to the airport.

FOCUS online asked the central Berlin police press office by email on May 21, 2024 for information and a statement on this case. There was no information until Sunday evening. An insider previously told FOCUS online: “Did you expect that the police would also openly describe to you how the clans were fooling the police?”

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