In a report with recommendations write the ministry of Health that several so-called tilleggstiltak should be considered:

Curfew in particularly affected areas, Shut down major parts of the public Ban on travel into and out of areas with heavy infection

Several european countries have already introduced various degrees of curfew. In Italy, the united Kingdom, France, and Spain requested the citizens keep at home, and only go out when it is strictly necessary.

– There are no plans now

But in the Uk, such a ban probably only be appropriate to turn down a serious outbreak in a smaller area.

NOT APPLICABLE NOW: Generally, the curfew is hardly appropriate, ” says acting assistant director, Espen Rostrup Nakstad.

Photo: Pouring Westrum / NRK

– the same as it is today has probably not curfew something for themselves. But it is the way that one would get a very powerful eruption in a district or in a municipality, then it is not inconceivable that it might be a good idea to have extra stringent measures, but not in the rest of the country, ” says acting assistant director, Espen Rostrup Nakstad to the NRK.

– as of today, there are no plans to use the type of measures in Norway.

But Nakstad emphasizes that the agency follows the situation in other countries carefully.

We assess continuously what effect these measures have shown themselves to be in other countries. Other countries ‘ experiences will be useful also for us in Norway.

health Professionals will not meet on the job

In the report dated 24. march recommends the ministry of Health to continue the restrictive korona-measures. It made the government the same day.

In the report mentioned also that the acute lack of protective equipment has meant that health workers in some places do not want to get on the job:

“It’s also received messages that health workers will not meet on the job as a result of lack of protective equipment, and that there are some supply challenges in several Norwegian cities. Even though the situation today looks somewhat brighter, we must take high risk also in the weeks ahead.

Health recommendations 24. march

the Norwegian broadcasting corporation has asked the ministry of Health which municipalities this applies to, but not received a reply.

Access to the necessary smittevernutstyr is essential for that health care provider should be able to perform a good and proper job, type Nakstad in an e-mail to NRK.

– Protection of the health care provider is very important. It worked intensively with the procurement and distribution of equipment, this work is coordinated by Health South-East. Today, there are enough smittevernutstyr to municipalities and hospitals if it is used properly.

Primary schools and kindergartens to be considered

the ministry of Health should also make thorough assessments of whether it is necessary to close schools and kindergartens for the youngest children. This should be discussed between the ministry of education, the Norwegian directorate of Immigration and the Norwegian institute of public health.

Finland was re-opened recently elementary school 1.-3. step, but it is voluntary for the parents if they want to send their children to school.

– This will be considered when we have more knowledge about the effects of the measures that the government have decided, says Nakstad.