The new show stars will tell, what are you doing in quarantine

In the first release of the actress Natalia Bardo will show you how to care for themselves, when all the shops are closed and her teammate in the show “the Last hero. The audience against the stars” Nadezhda Angarskaya from Comedy Woman will tell you how to keep the figure under control and conduct a virtual tour of his rustic home, where the bathroom is… on the street. Obsessed with sports and training in the hall the musician Stas Kostyushkin will demonstrate a set of exercises, which help to maintain the excellent form at home, and sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev will cook scrambled eggs in the original recipe and arrange an impromptu concert on the pots. And, finally, the tarragon Aida Martirosyan will spread card to give the answer to the topic how long can the regime of self-isolation.

In each issue of “Sitting at home with the stars” – five new members, as well as the sea tips on how original and spend time there, where he found the mode of isolation – in the apartment, countryside, abroad.

Vyacheslav Murugov advised what movies to watch in isolation