Senator Alexei Pushkov drew attention to the new anti-attack experts of the American analytical center RAND. He left a note on the page in Twitter: “Center “REND”, working for the US Department of defense and the CIA, said Russia and China “enemies of the first level” and predicted hardships for the U.S. army in the “war in Russia”(?!). They are there not only as the coronavirus of the brain, if they so plan. A severe form of the disease.”

netizens Senator supported and has left many biting comments under the post propagation.

“What they quickly began to forget the story, many wanted in our territory to fight… but somehow it worked the opposite,” wrote Yuri kalachevskiy.

“That is predicted, it is not necessary to be a think-tank. Enough to know the history behind the middle school and the fate of Napoleon and Hitler,” commented Leningradets.

“This is not Analytics! It’s the extras with the level of the story for grade 6” – echoes “Alexeyt”.

“Well, that’s fine, everyone who fought on the territory of Russia, had problems…”, – wrote “modest”.

a user with the nickname “Margot” explained, “Apparently, these “analysts” do not know that the Russian always finish the war in the capitals of the attackers!”.

“the Americans regularly, since 1945, are planning a war with Russia. You can laugh, but these guys are very stubborn. While there will be Russia, they will try to destroy us. You need to answer. To them it was really scary,” said Sergei Yasinsky.

“…first you need to answer the question, how do we get into enemy territory the first level. And will sense when they at the time of the country”, – reasoned “Anton Antonovich”.

“Yes, the expected difficulties for the U.S. army in Russia, but it is not going to die” – I agree with him “Victor”.

“That’s what happens when computer shooting games at work!” – joked Pavel Shirokov.

“I Hope to make such brilliant insights, had spent enormous budgets,” wrote a user with the nickname “the commander of the Regiment.”

Many commentators have wondered: maybe it’s time to address prevention of coronavirus in the United States, so if the disease progresses.

“we need brains worked when we hear such” – summed up the “vitoks50”.