On the territory of Belarus detained 33 Russian citizen, accused of planning to organize mass riots. The Belarusian authorities are called detainees mercenaries a private military companies (PMCs). Specialized paramilitary sites, discussing the state of emergency in Minsk, writing that detainees could really be the PMCs soldiers, however, were on the territory of Belarus with a completely different purpose. As users write in social networks, “vagnerovsky” used Minsk in order to get to one of the countries of Africa, where ongoing armed conflict.

law Enforcement authorities in Belarus detained a group of Russian citizens, who shot the rooms in a hotel on the outskirts of Minsk. According to the information Agency “BelTA”, the detainees are mercenaries of the private military company “Wagner” and arrived in Belarus for the organization of mass riots in the election of the company.

the detainees seized pepper spray, military uniform, firecrackers and leaflets with appeals to mass riots. Media reported that among the detainees are members of the Donbas conflict, including those close to the writer and politics Zakhar Prilepin. Later this information was officially confirmed the Park.

according to telegrams-channel WarGonzo, the detainees are really PMCs soldiers, however, were in Belarus for other purposes. Write in the comments that the mercenaries used Minsk as a transport hub in order to enter the territory of one of the African countries.

However, as noted close to the PMC telegrams channel “the Reverse of the medal” (Reverse side of medal), the mercenaries did not need to use Minsk in order to get into the zone of military conflicts.

“In the same Syria/Libya, where supposedly there are Russian PMCs can fly. Military ships can sail. And here the Federal Agency for tourism is not allowed chavacano to go to war in Africa. Although in Tanzania there recently even allowed mere mortals. The second is that having Chevakinsky on the territory of Belarus with the past in the Donbass, and that would be with the knowledge of the KGB of Belarus, and Lukashenka is also somehow the head does not fit. So it is hard to believe this story as a whole,” writes Reverse side of the medal.

Earlier, U.S. officials said that Russian mercenaries involved in military conflict in Libya. The Pentagon has repeatedly said that the soldiers of PMC “Wagner” are present in the conflict on the side of Libyan rebel Marshal Haftarot. Also, according to several media reports, Russian mercenaries PMCs allegedly involved in the conflicts on the territory of several countries of Africa, including Central African Republic and Benin.