In the Harz district, there were again failures in the region on Monday morning. According to the network operator Avacon, the power went out again in Halberstadt and Blankenburg in the morning.

The cities of Halberstadt, Blankenburg, parts of Wernigerode and several communities had already been without electricity for several hours during the night from Sunday to Monday. Tens of thousands of households were affected.

In the meantime, supplies have been restored, said a spokeswoman for Avacon. However, it cannot currently be ruled out that there will be further failures due to the extreme weather situation. “We try to keep the failures as low as possible.”

The reason for the renewed failures in Halberstadt and Blankenburg “is still the ice on the conductors. Due to the higher weight and the wind, the conductor cables can vibrate more, which leads to short circuits,” the network operator said.

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Freezing rain has caused damage to the power grid. As the district of Harz announced on Monday, a weather-related crack in a line in front of the substation in Hüttenrode on Sunday shortly after 10 p.m. caused the widespread power failure. The power was gone for several hours. According to the information, neither hospitals nor nursing homes had to be evacuated because of the power failure. District Administrator Thomas Balcerowski nevertheless pushed for the purchase of emergency power generators in order to be prepared for future power failures.

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The Harz Clinic was also affected by the widespread power outage in Blankenburg and Wernigerode. Patient safety was never endangered, according to a statement on Monday. The emergency power supply worked smoothly and reliably. “However, due to the power failure, there was damage to individual technical systems and devices.”

The Avacon spokeswoman said the “ice curtain” was still very thick on the lines. “We hope that we can solve this in the short term.” As the spokeswoman said when asked, the failures had nothing to do with a blackout, but were a result of an “extreme weather situation”.

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