The Ministry explained the rules of registration of additional benefits to children

It relies to the families entitled to maternity capital, with children under 3 years, and will be paid within three months from April to June.

Photo: Alexey Sukhorukov/RIA Novosti the Government has increased the maximum size of the unemployment benefit

the Minister of labor and social protection Anton Kotkov explained that the payment will be able to get families who have used the maternity capital. But if the right to maternity capital have families there during these three months, the parents will also have the opportunity to seek benefits.

the Payment does not depend on family income and relies on each child under the age of three. It is not taxed and is not counted as income in the appointment of other support measures. Money for it are allocated from the Federal budget, – said in a press release.

the Ministry also said that the application for benefits can be submitted until 1 October and not 1 July as previously reported. That is, the money will pay for the previous months, provided that the entitlement of the family occurred prior to 1 July.