Keir Starmer is Labour’s new leader. He grew up in a arbejderklassehjem, but he has since become a millionaire.

Labour’s brexit-rapporteur Keir Starmer, was Saturday elected as the party’s new leader after Jeremy Corbyns departure in december.

The 57-year-old newly elected leader, who lives in the north of London – specifically in the district of Kentish Town has several times declared itself as being socialist.

Keir Starmer, has also been indiscreet opponent of brexit.

My priority is that we can be sure to tackle the gross inequality in british society, he has previously said to the BBC.

in Addition, he has always been “on the powerless side,” he says.

The former public prosecutor has, however, also mangemillionær.

according to The Sun newspaper previously been Labour’s left wing to fear that the workers in the north of England would see him as the one who most belonged to the elite.

According to the newspaper live Kier Starmer, together with his wife, Victoria Starmer, in a house to 1.75 million pounds – nearly 15 million Danish kroner.

Starmer has a bachelor’s degree in civil law from Oxford University, which is one of the world’s best universities.

He has repeatedly pointed out that he himself has grown in a arbejderklassefamilie, where he is the son of a nurse and a workman.

He is also named after Labour’s first parliamentary leader, Keir Hardie.

– the Idea that I, personally, do not know how it is for people across the country, is not a substantiated claim, he has previously stated according to The Sun.

Starmers task will be to recover and a new direction for the labour party and win power at the next general election in less than five years.

It becomes quite a task, since the Labour party at the parliamentary elections on 12. december 2019 got only 32,2% of the vote. It gave 203 of the 650 seats to the house of Commons. It was the worst result for the party since 1935.

Labour was formed in 1900 by trade unions. It was hovedmodstanderen for The Conservative Party in the house of Commons in London.

Since the end of The Second world War the party was in power a total of 30 years.

In these periods the party had six different prime ministers. Tony Blair is the prime minister for the Labour party, which has held power the longest, namely from 1997 to 2007.