The media talked about the superiority of the artillery of the Russian Federation over competitors from the United States Germany and China

Among the most recent developments of Russian “defense”, which is related to the prospects of rearmament of the Russian army, along with the tank “Armata” combat platform “boomerang”, the experts called interspecific 2С35 artillery system “Coalition-SV”. Electronic edition “Army standard” revealed the performance characteristics of the new self-propelled guns, in comparison with foreign competitors.

to Develop a new self-propelled gun is Soviet 152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19 “Msta-s” have begun after there has been a backlog of artillery NATO in the segment of 155-mm howitzers. The firing range of the NATO wanted to reach 30 km when firing high-explosive shells and up to 40 km with rocket-assisted shells. The “Msta-s”, these figures were 25 and 29 km, respectively.

In 2013, “Uraltransmash” was created two prototypes of the new self-propelled guns. A year later the company produced ten settings “Coalition-SV”. New Russian self-propelled gun was an unpleasant surprise for NATO armies that are now playing catch-up.

In comparison with “Msta-With” gun “Coalition-SV” has a length of rifled barrel not 47-and 52-caliber. Maximum range when using high-explosive shells to 40 km and in the case of guided missiles and up to 80.

“Coalition-SV” has a high rate – some up to 16 rounds per minute. Figure has been achieved thanks to new technologies, in particular, program-controlled pneumatic loading mechanism. The process of loading automated. Ammo increased to 70 shots.

design Feature – armored crew capsule is in front of: the driver-mechanic placed on the left of the gun commander, on the right — gunner.

In the fighting compartment only 152-mm gun, shots and auto-loading mechanism. People are not there. On the tower — remote-controlled unit 12.7 mm KORD machine gun with an ammunition supply of 200 rounds.

“Coalition-SV” is superior to a modernized variant of the basic self-propelled howitzers of the US army M109A7 sample 2012 three indicators. Higher rate — up to 16 rounds per minute vs 6 American self-propelled guns; more ammunition — 70 rounds against 39; maximum range — 40-80 km and 22, respectively. In addition, the Russian machine is better protected.

Our protagonist better in service with the Bundeswehr artillery PzH 2000, the rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute, ammunition -60, the maximum firing range of 30 km Combat weight PzH 2000 is more “Coalition-SV” on 8-10 m, so at speed on the highway and the reserve of the German self-propelled gun is inferior to the Russian.

the characteristics of recent Chinese development (��answered adopted in 2007) self-propelled artillery the PLZ-05 is also lower: the rate of fire to 8 rounds per minute, ammunition — 30 rounds maximum firing range high-explosive projectile is 39 km away.