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Eldri Siem (Sp) is the mayor of the municipality that long was the worst hit by the koronaviruset in Norway.

Each sixth inhabitant put in quarantine, and it was detected 36 infections.

After several weeks with strict measures and hard work from the municipality, approaching the number of inhabitants in quarantine to zero.

HARD HIT: the Municipality in Oppland county was hit hard by the virus. Kommuneoverlege in the company, Therese Renaa, told about hectic days a few weeks ago.

Photo: Geir Randby / NRK

Now preparing for the mayor on the reopening of schools and kindergartens. It is not without concern.

It is well understandable that people are concerned about. We can risk a new resurgence of the virus.

the Mayor will wait 14 days longer than the government open for the rest of elementary school. This is to see that the number of infected is picking up the pace, after the opening of kindergartens and 1.-4 class.

the Municipality has Tuesday only three persons with proven infection. But ordførerens biggest concern is that people without symptoms may still be carrying the virus.

– There have been samples of people without symptoms who are positive. We can get several infections and then we need to tighten in again, and make new initiatives.

She emphasizes that the municipality takes their local assessments, and, therefore, will consider to cancel the opening of the elementary school if she is seeing an increase in the number of infected up to 27. april.

< p> the County: – Children are not particularly prone

the County in the Hinterland, Knut Storberget, believes there is a reason to let the calm of “solid professional advice”.

– The smallest is not as susceptible to infection as other.

Now waiting Governor on guidelines from the state on how the opening should happen. He tells like education ms. Guri Melby (V), that the children of high risk can stay at home, and that they should get adapted teaching.

HARD HIT: Otta in Sel municipality was hard hit by the koronaviruset.

Photo: Geir Olsen / Geir Olsen

health minister Bent Tall (H) said to NRK today that it is safe to send their children to school.

Challenging for children to follow smittevernråd

The national tutor will come 16. april. When has the mayor in the company only a day to prepare for the opening of the kindergartens.

And that child shall follow the smittevernråd is challenging.

Children are children, and advice about good hand washing and two metres distance, it is not easy to get children to follow.

the Mayor did not look away from that they must make use of the extra days that the municipalities can use, if they need it to prepare.

PLOT: Around the country is the classroom empty. 27. april the smallest students get back on school.

Photo: Lars Tore Endresen / NRK Sends her daughter in the nursery, without shame

Over fifteen thousand parents have signed up into a group on Facebook where they are telling about that they are worried that nurseries and schools opens from 20. april.

They believe the government should have waited longer.

the Group called “my Child should not be a testing ground for Covid-19”. It was a blogger, politician and mother Line Victoria Society-Sørensen to react.

the Mother from the Bamble has been called a selfish mother, who uses her child as a testing ground, because she will send her daughter at age 3 in the nursery when it opens.

– It is poorly done. Just because I follow the authorities ‘ advice.

FOLLOW the AUTHORITIES: Acts-Sørensen wrote a blog post about that she sends her daughter in the nursery.

Photo: Lars Tore Endresen / NRK

24 000 have signed a petition about to wait to send their children to kindergarten and school.

After that, Society-Sorensen wrote a blog post about that she thinks it is completely in order to send their children to kindergarten, she has received almost exclusively positive feedback.

– of Course it should be legal to be wary and know the fear. But there should also be rooms to pick out from what the government gives us the opportunity to.

She emphasizes that for many, it is nice to know that you don’t need to feel shame for to send their children to kindergarten next week.

IN the NURSERY: Line Victoria Society-Sorensen’s daughter Maren (3), is looking forward to start in the nursery.

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