In England, the man threw the challenge and plunged into the toxic water of the so-called blue lagoon — an abandoned limestone quarry near the British town of Buxton in Derbyshire, which became a popular tourist attraction. Reported by Derbyshire Live.

Pictures of a man who ignored warning signs in the pond and preventive conversation with the officer, firefighting and rescue service posted on Twitter.

“Despite a friendly conversation with one of our specialists on prevention, this man decided to swim in the poisonous black water,” — said in a tweet service. The officer tried to stop the man who raped him.

March 31, it was reported that the famous blue lagoon dyed black to stop the flood of bloggers who violates the quarantine is for the pictures. Upon receiving reports of mass violation of the ban, the police Buxton quarry filled in ink. The former quarry is a toxic dump. In this rotting old cars, dead animals, and the water was toxic, which acquired an extraordinary turquoise color.