The majority of Italians are unable for Easter to see my parents

during the Easter holidays in Italy has invariably been dominated by an unprecedented boom, which created not only local residents, but crowds of tourists and pilgrims, the appearance of which in 2020 would not have to count. Because in the fashion industry the Italians are unable to visit their numerous relatives and friends to hug. And even if someone tried to leave their village, it certainly would fall into the hands of the patrol, whose number in the days before Easter have increased significantly, either in the field of vision of ubiquitous drones, meticulously controlling unauthorized movement.

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Many inhabitants of the Apennines, had to celebrate Easter without living in the same city with them older relatives are at risk. Their absence makes this light holiday it is infinitely sad and ordinary.

“keepers of the traditions are our parents. Without them we will be forced to go beyond the predictable breaking eggs, unpretentious lunch in the narrow family circle, and watching TV”, – share the plans of my friend Manuela and Valentina.

Their words were confirmed by a study done by the Association Coldiretti. The experts came to the conclusion that this year in one family of three in the Easter feast was attended by only two people, and only in 47 percent of the families at the table miraculously appeared 3-4. In the latter case, this mainly concerns the Italians, whose parents reside in the same condominium.

“I was incredibly lucky. My mother fortunately lives in the same house, one floor below. But this year, I will miss our traditional trip to Naples. Every year we met there for our whole family at my aunt’s house,” complained still one of my friend Rosalia.

the majority of the inhabitants of the Apennines is really hard to tolerate the separation. For Italians, family is not just a trivial element of society, and the most important element around which they build their entire lives. But among them there are those who try to look soberly at what is happening, trying to adapt to a new reality with the help of technology.

“this year I for the first time he baked a traditional Neapolitan pie of casatiello. All went like clockwork, the process via Skype led my mother, who is unable because of age to leave home”, – shared with “RG” Roman Simone Tarascans, who, like many inhabitants of the Apennines, chose this year to make holiday treats with your hands. This trend is confirmed by data showing that 4 weeks before Easter weekend, in 2019, it sold 11 million boxes of cakes, and this year 50 percent less (only 5.5 million).

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And Simone and his wife Federica decided at Easter to do the right thing and support the owner of one of the Roman restaurateurs are experiencing due to quarantine difficult times. They had ordered two dinner delivered to the house and invited all my friends to do the same.

Unprecedented flexibility manifests in those days, the Catholic Church, which is almost completely gone online – all dedicated to the celebration service was held without the participation of the parishioners and was broadcast on the Internet. Since the announcement of the pandemic Pope Francis conducts all ceremonies in the presence of only a few assistants, addressing the faithful remotely. Before Easter, on Good FriItza, the first time in 55 years, the Pontiff was forced to break tradition and hold a Procession, not of the walls of the Coliseum, and in front of virgin empty St. Peter’s Basilica. Company Francis was only five prisoners from the Italian city of Padua, which suffered greatly from the virus, as well as five doctors and nurses from the Vatican.

the Italians are forced to go beyond the predictable breaking eggs, unpretentious lunch in the narrow family circle and TV watching

And here are the Easter dinner for residents of Milan, who was in the midst of the tragedy, brightened this year, the famous Italian Opera singer Andrea Bocelli gave a free online concert “Music of hope” in an empty Milan Cathedral “Duomo”.Given the extraordinary circumstances, Bocelli, who performed a musical composition Ave Maria and Sancta Maria, accompanied only organist of Emanuele Vianelli.

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“I believe in the power of joint prayer, I believe in the Christian Easter, a universal symbol of rebirth, which really needs everyone right now, regardless whether a believer or not. Through music, broadcast live, uniting millions of folded hands around the world, we embrace the beating heart of this wounded Land…” wrote the 61-year-old tenor in its Instagram.

Easter holidays in the Apennines lasted until the 13th of April. The Italians will have to pass another test on the resistance and note worthy Bright Monday, which they used to meet with friends in cafes, restaurants, outdoors or in parks for picnics. This year the luxury they afford for obvious reasons not able to. To somehow brighten up this warm spring day, I will again have to settle for access to their balconies and terraces which has already become the main symbol of their quarantine life.