Several years Megabit every summer we would set off to distant lands at the international music festival Ilya Lagutenko, where they had brought the reports and interviews with strange artists, followers of tradition and bold experimentation from Asian and other countries. This year pandemic event will be virtual and will be online for everyone in two passes – from 29 to 31 may and from 5 to 7 June. Called him this time, “V-ROX quarantined”. “Today, we nostalgically remember the very recent times, when for seven years, despite the difficulties and obstacles, we rejoiced in the opportunity of fellowship and fun with live music bands from around the world on the festival grounds in Vladivostok. – Sighs Ilya. – It is difficult for us to look into the future, but we try not to despair and forces of the organizing Committee of the festival and guests of previous festivals give it to you in 2020 in the virtual space”.

compared To other summer open-airs is the brainchild of Ilya Lagutenko is different in that it was always not just a set of concerts, and creative laboratories of ideas. Was there street art, sport, gastronomy, and conferences devoted to new technologies in the blockchain crowdfunding platforms and new musical stream. Since 2013 – the first year of the festival has become a hallmark of the capital of Primorye. In an online format artist started six 20-minute programs with the participation of artists from all over the world, of which Vladivostok had time to know and love over the years of the festival from Australia, America, India, Korea, China, Mexico, England, Israel, and Japan. They will prepare the new songs and talk about what they remembered of the trip to Vladivostok, their isolation and that they do plan to do next. Will support them and a galaxy of Russian artists from the Far East, from Yekaterinburg and Moscow.

a little More, and group “mummies the Troll” will be 40 years (in 2023), but over the years it only becomes more interesting, and Lagutenko, being in General character like out of time, as in the past the David Bowie continues to inspire fans and colleagues with new projects, programs, songs. In March was to be held a concert in honor of the 20th anniversary of the album “Exactly mercury aloe” which has anticipated many musical trends. Fans were licked, because the album has never sounded alive from beginning to end, in addition, in the discography of the team, he really turned out particularly special, Yes readers will forgive me for the intentional tautology. And the surprises, of course, was planned. Now nothing remains but to wait for the return of the planet to a normal rhythm of life (if, of course, happen), when it will be possible again to go to the concert and to dance with a crowd of thousands. And while Ilya tries not to faint as et�� possible in the current situation, and as one of my friends said – in spite of all, continues to drive your vehicle on the musical waves, what we talked about in an interview.

– Tell us how you live this time, and how the situation changed your plans for spring, summer? I would like to get back to “live” activity?

– oddly enough, by chance, we were prepared for the isolation. As a touring band, we always difficult to snatch time to record new songs and family Affairs. So last year we decided that we will spend the first half of 2020 so: complete all Studio projects, write songs, make albums. We had not planned until the summer to do shows, so don’t dare a little later than others will begin to fear since June. What we were not prepared, so it is to the collapse of the global concert industry. In June and throughout the summer we had a scheduled festival performances, they have eighty percent canceled or postponed for 2021. Some, however, still believe in miracles. I think that it is possible not to believe but to recognize the new reality.

How to create a programme of the six quarantine programs of the festival? How did you choose the theme, characters, what is the main concept, if it’s different from the concept of the festival offline?

– We have thrown a call in social networks to all groups who performed at the festival over the past seven years. The most active responded immediately. The format is “quarantine” video. Of course, we think over a variety of virtual Playground, but by far the most important was to understand that in different parts of the world we are all roughly in the same situation, which impact is not possible, but to communicate with each other, not to lose presence of mind is a top priority.

– is it Possible now to build some prospects for the future? How do you imagine them?

– I do not venture to make any overly ambitious statements. We communicate with fellow musicians from different countries, including those where the virus has the best results – such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, from European countries, where borders closed for a long time and now open public places (Latvia, Belgium, Sweden, for example), but none of them so far, not even talking about the resuscitation of the concert industry in its present form. The prospect of staying with your music in the online world forever not very nice to me. But in my opinion, this is the coming future for us. Have a lot of thinking about how to save our crashed “tour the ship”. Realize that help will not come. You must first be able to swim to the nearest, though uninhabited Islands, and start there with a clean slate.

What’s happening��dit now in the life of “Mumiy Troll”?

– We become reluctant to help. Have remote to remove online speech. Has performed at several festivals, has participated in charity events. Even made our long-awaited premiere of the film “SOS to the sailor”, he surprisingly found a very positive feedback from the audience. Apparently, the story of a group crossing oceans on a sailboat in the pursuit of illusory popularity, it has become very clear sitting on the quarantine people. Now it’s not even the pseudo-documentary film, it has now become a fantastic fighter. We’re in the film even the Chinese wet markets fall (smiles). Prepare for the release of a new song. Work on them remotely a possibility. However, now all a very long time. Learning to live “slow”.

– What do you feel will be the consequences for the music community?

– In my experience, they are already catastrophic. Ice age, Titanic… whatever you Call it. On the one hand, we, riders caught “scoop” it’s not a novelty: you write songs in the table, but to speak to the audience you have is not possible. Bars and clubs, giving at least some ground for beginners and asylum artists, is also in big trouble. On the other hand, there are new types of communication with a potential listener. We have to admit that the new digital world celebrates the victory. Now our task is to fill it with meaning.