Today, 30 may 2020 22:22 Moscow time the company SpaceX Elon musk will make a second attempt to send a private spacecraft Crew Dragon to ISS. On Board the ship – the Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. Booster Falcon 9 must be launched from Cape Canaveral. In recent years, astronauts on the ISS took only our “Unions”. We feature an online broadcast of the launch Crew Dragon – you can watch the video version of NASA and SpaceX.

the First attempt to send a Crew Dragon to the ISS Elon Musk has taken 27 may. The astronauts climbed aboard, the ship was fueled, at Cape Canaveral flew the President of the United States Donald trump. But literally in the last minutes before the scheduled start time due to bad weather the launch was canceled. Elon Musk was clearly disappointed – by the way, the footage of that day he was in anticorrosional mask.

Today the launch of the Falcon 9 with the Dragon Crew is also questionable – although Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken had already taken their places on Board, the weather is changeable. At Cape Canaveral, when we published this material, the rain. And the risk Musk and NASA are unlikely to want, despite the fact that Crew Dragon large margin. But the sky may become clearer by the start – enough for a small “window”.

If a rocket ship start, and, God forbid, something goes wrong, the astronauts can catapult capsule with engines in the ocean, where they will select a rescue team.

Run Сrew Dragon makes the news in the us media, frankly, faded before engulfing America protests trump, however, promised to come to Canaveral and this time – he is now announced that way.

But who, probably, all carefully watching the start of the ship the Mask in Russia is Dmitry Rogozin. During the preparation of the first attempts to start it, as we remember, tried to outshine Mask loud statements.

the fact that SpaceX is a direct competitor to our “Unions”. Shipping on it the astronauts on the ISS will cost the Americans in the round cheaper. States turned its similar program in 2011, when it cost them too much.

as to Elon musk, then he still launched into space only a dummy and not real people. By the way, yesterday it was a sad event – the prototype of another ship, Starship, who, conceived the Mask to fly to Mars, blew up – the engine worked not so…

We show online live video NASA launch Crew Dragon. The estimated time from launch to docking with the ISS – 19 hours.

Second online broadcast of the launch of Falcon 9 by SpaceX ship is.

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