The largest States in the US have created a

“We ask the question – what comes first, issues of public health or the economy? Both issues are paramount,” said new York Governor.

Photo: REUTERS/ Kevin Lamarque US Authorities said the possibility of lifting sanitary constraints in the country

Chapter ten States that are home to more than 100 million people, nearly a third of U.S. residents are opposed to a hasty opening of the American enterprises, insists the White house. In their opinion, the decision on renewal of work of the enterprises must directly depend on the results of more extensive testing for the coronavirus, which will begin in the United States in the second half of April. They believe that the partial lifting of the measures on social distancing may lead to a second and more widespread wave of the pandemic coronavirus, Reuters notes.

the Governors intend to develop measures to reduce the impact of coronavirus in disadvantaged communities, to ensure an uninterrupted supply to hospitals of medical equipment, strengthen the control over quarantine of infected persons and those exposed to them, and to develop a unified strategy for the prevention and control of outbreaks in nursing homes. In these long-term care, according to American media, died of not less than 3.3 thousand people.

Ten governors, all Democrats, with the exception of Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, said that the decision about when and how to resume work is not “vital infrastructure”, and open schools and universities, should be dictated by concern for the health of residents and to rely on science and not on politics. In addition, they remind The white house, that under American law, the authority to cancel or change their orders about the isolation of citizens belong to them and not to the Federal center.

Photo: AFP/MANDEL NGAN trump said about the success of the U.S. strategy for combating coronavirus

the decision on the establishment of a “regional Pact” was published after his daily briefing Monday, April 13, the President, Donald trump declared that any decision to restart the U.S. economy will be made to them personally and that he has the unilateral authority to “put an end to the measures that strangled the US economy,” and just three weeks left at least 17 million Americans.

for their part, experts in the field of civil law argue that the President has limited powers in accordance with the Constitution of the United States to demand from the authorities of cities and States making decisions about open government, educational institutions, the resumption of public transport or ordering local businesses to resume operation.

talk of a possible easing of restrictive measures came amid reports that the crisis has peaked and the curve of the epidemic in America were on the decline. Monday in the USA there were at least fifteen hundred deaths that are much lower than last week, when the country recorded up to two thousand deaths every 24 hours. In particular, Governor Cuomo stated that “the worst of his staff are already behind.” However, he warned that the progress achieved thanks to social distancing, can be reduced to zero, if the authorities “will do something stupid and too fast will give relief in part of the isolation of citizens”.


ACCasno according to the Johns Hopkins University, a leading online statistics infected and killed by the COVID-19, in the world as of 07.00 on April 14, ill 1 920 618 and died from the deadly virus 119 687 people.