According to Dmitry Peskov, such illegal restrictions do not contribute to the normalization of relations between Moscow and Washington.

the Kremlin hopes that the plans of American politicians to impose tough new sanctions against Russia will remain at the level of plans. About it journalists were told press-Secretary President, Dmitry Peskov.

Proposals for additional sanctions against Russia prepared by the Republican study Committee (Republican Study, the largest Association within the faction of Republicans in the U.S. house of representatives).

the Authors of the document propose to recognize Russia as “state sponsor of terrorism”, impose restrictions against companies that support oil and gas projects of the country, restrictions on the ransom of Russian sovereign debt by foreign investors.

Also in the sanctions list it is proposed to make the Vnesheconombank (VEB). In addition, Russia should be excluded from the international payment system SWIFT, the authors of the document.

Most of the constraints described in a new report by Republicans in may 2019 outlined, the Committee on financial services of the house of representatives of the United States. Then they presented for public comment a draft of the consolidated bill under the new restrictions for Russia.

In mid-may in the house of representatives has prepared sanctions against Russia for interfering in American elections. They focused on restrictions on the purchase of a new sovereign debt, and the inclusion of the SDN list any “energy project”, located outside the Russian Federation, in which Russian state-owned company will invest at least $5 million three months after the law enters into force.

a Separate paragraph in the draft of the bill was directed to the U.S. Treasury to publish the names of “any structures” (but not individuals) included in the classified Annex to the “Kremlin report” — a special report of the U.S. Treasury, prepared in January 2018. It analysed the Russian oligarchs and companies with state participation less than 25%.