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meanwhile, some “media persons” who know the situation in Italy is not hearsay, blame the Muscovites for violation of the quarantine. So, Ekaterina Maltsev, the Russian wife of an Italian footballer Salvatore bocchetti, wrote that “Italy still walked to the last until the military machine began to take out of the body.”

Recall that the total number of deaths in Italy since the beginning of the pandemic exceeded 10 thousand. The source of contamination was located on the North of the country in the province of Lombardy. It shares borders with the Piedmont region, which has a Novara. In the main hospital of this city “first aid” 55-year-old Dr. Massimo Portacci. He told “RG-Week” on the current situation.

500 percent

Can you characterize the events occurring in Italy as a national tragedy?

– of Course, it’s a national tragedy, and I would say, and international.

As an epidemic?

– the Epidemic in Italy started in mid-February in the Lombardy region, where the branch of the “ambulance” arrived patients with cough, fever and shortness of breath. This was the first infected patients in our country.

was there any signals, through which it was possible to foresee that this could happen?

I think it could have been foreseen. Because the epidemic began in some Chinese cities back in early October last year. Therefore it could be assumed that sooner or later it will come to Europe and thus to Italy.

how Long have you been working in the field of emergency medicine?

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– for 25 years. I work in the main hospital of Novara. My interests – emergency medicine (ambulance). I specialize in emergency and vascular surgery. I studied at the University of Chieti, my ID number 5772.

do you Remember the first call in connection with the coronavirus?

‘ Oh Yes! In late February I came home to the patient, who had fever, cough and shortness of breath. It was the first time I was faced with this type of disease. The man was very agitated and worried. I gave him oxygen, medication, and he calmed down a bit. Then I took him to the Department of “ambulance”…

– do You feel at times helpless in the face of this disease?

– Yes, in those circumstances, and before this illness we feel helpless because we have no vaccines to fight the virus. Today we with the help of medication can provide at least some support to help the patient to avoid, say, the deterioration of the situation.

How an increased number of calls “emergency” in this period?

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– 500%! We work without breaks and rest for 40 days. Our shifts lasted nonstop for 12 hours a day. I just returned from such a change. Often we work day without a break. The rest, alas, does not work. Our operational headquarters is located in Novara, constantly stormed with phone calls of people asking for help, because they have a very high temperature, reaching up to 40-41 degrees, and extremely labored breathing. Unfortunately, in this patientresearch institutes there are serious problems in communication.

Sick suffer?

Patients suffer a great deal. Imagine if the person can’t breathe, what could follow? Besides, people have very high temperature, so the patient reacts poorly to paracetamol. In addition, they have a very strong, irritating cough, very difficult to control.

Wear a mask

You doctors today are experiencing fear, when you go on calls? You have a reliable means of protection?

We are extremely concerned, because the struggle with an invisible enemy, who can be found anywhere! We have protection glasses, masks, gloves, suits. But, unfortunately, it also happens that we get sick. Today many of my colleagues is in intensive care, and they are connected to devices of artificial ventilation of the lungs. A few days ago one of my dear colleague, a good friend who works with me, was also hospitalized in the intensive care unit and connected to the apparatus, because having trouble breathing and he has a very high temperature. There are many deaths of doctors.

But you continue to act. One of your colleagues is in despair, crying?

– We continue to act, work hard and completely dedicate themselves. But after many hours of work we see people die – and it’s very hard to take. I often see my colleagues crying, doctors and nurses, because despite all our efforts, many people die.

are You afraid to bring infection into your home?

Photo: Sergei Nikolayev/WG a Pathologist told about the changesthe changes in the body in the coronavirus

– Yes, I’m very afraid of how to bring it into the house, and get because the coronavirus is very aggressive and spreads easily. The most rapid spread occurs through airborne droplets, so we wear a mask. Because this simple remedy that can protect us from saliva and other fluids that are released when sneezing, coughing, etc.

– Who gets sick more often – men or women? Old or young?

– most men fall ill and the elderly. Young people and newborn babies, fortunately, at this stage more secure.

– the Number of deaths in your country, sadly, very high…

Yes, and until recently, this number has continued to grow. The situation, of course, is not the best, and many people are simply desperate. Dying cannot see their families because of security reasons, they just insulate. For example, the person gets to intensive care, but none of the relatives can not visit it. Visits are prohibited, and at best, allowed only to talk on the phone. But if the sick dies, relatives and friends the body will not give up, because after death it is the source of contamination.

was information that the deceased so much that all formed on a burial…

– At present the burial is not carried out, because people are cremated, to prevent the virus to come out and stop its spread.

is there Enough of a medicament for the treatment of patients? Whether enough of the ventilator?

Photo: REUTERS / Nick Oxford experts have called the most unclaimed due to coronavirus profession

– Yes, medication is enough, but at the moment still not there is a vaccine to fight the coronavirus. Remedies are also enough, we have masks, goggles, gloves, true, but we feel some shortage of medical ventilators, which are necessary to support the breathing of patients in a particularly difficult situation.

– And in your country recently has opened several new hospitals…

‘ Oh Yes! The Italian government set up in hospitals a lot of places and opened a new hospital and office to help the greatest number of cases.

what is buckwheat?

– Italians have a rule at home?

Yes, mostly follow it, though, except in certain circumstances in certain areas and at certain hours. Violators are punished with a fine up to 3000 euros.

– are There any left in the shops? Buckwheat is not snapping tons, as it was recently in Russia?

– what is buckwheat?

Is this cereal, porridge which is very popular in our country.

– Oh Yes! We have this cereal is sold in a different form – it’s green, and it almost nobody takes. But people have no difficulty to buy bread, milk, pasta, vegetables and other products. Supermarkets are open at certain hours during the day, the shelves filled.

– True if the information that in Italy in General doctors very often use antibiotics, and therefore, older people often die because of a weak immune system?

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– Yes, the antibiotics Italy use very often. However, older people, unfortunately, die because the immune system weakens with aging and they reach old age. And coronavirus lighterputs those people.

Italy is the country of football. Could this infection spread also due to the fact that you have not canceled one of the important football matches?

– of Course, football in Italy is very important. Perhaps in the beginning the whole situation was underestimated, and the matches were held at full stadiums. But at the moment the football League suspended, as well as competitions in other sports – basketball, volleyball, Rugby. As we all know, on the year was moved even the Olympics in Tokyo and the European championship in football which was to be held in June this year, postponed to 2021. That is now trying to protect the population.

a Fine of three thousand euros for violation of quarantine many disciplined. Photo: Getty Madeabout quarantine – stay home

What can you recommend for colleagues from Russia, to avoid errors committed in Italy?

I suggest Russian colleagues not to underestimate the situation, as the coronavirus is a very strong and insidious enemy that knows how to perfectly hide. It is really an invisible enemy. I advise my Russian friends and colleagues have to defend themselves with masks, goggles, gloves and protective suits. This is the only way to stop him.

– Russia has declared a week, in fact, quarantine, and our people took it as additional vacation time, opportunity for shopping, etc., Even orders for your booking of hotels in cities and resorts increased three times…

– the Only way to stop a pandemic is, first and foremost, do not leave the house. The Italians also thought that it will not affect them and the infection will not. But people don’t get STDs just in case, if during the quarantine, will not meet each other. So if quarantined, you should be at home!

Photo: Oleg Kiryanov/WG researchers assessed the risk of infection with coronavirus in breathing and conversation

– What do you think the Italians, including you, doctors, about Russian assistance Italy?

Russia once again demonstrated its generosity. Your government sent us – 160 military medics, 10,000 masks, 1 000 protective suits, 100 of the ventilator. This is a big help, and Russia has demonstrated its generosity of Italy and the world. I infinitely thank the Russian people, because your country on the international level today shows it for what it really is!

You know the Italian newspaper La stampa has left negative comments and felt “useless” this assistance?

the Author of the publication criticized many of our media. The Italian press is very satisfied with Russia’s help. I dare you politically to estimate, but as a normal citizen, say that the Italians appreciated the help of Russia. We just tired of these fruitless disputes, used for someone’s political gain. Italians appreciate the facts, not words.

– You see the light at the end of the tunnel? There is no sense that the epidemic is still slowing down?

Yes, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The spread of the virus now slowed somewhat, however, we still have a lot to do with many to fight. I hope that we will succeed, because we can do everything possible and impossible. Also hope for good luck and the help of God.

P. S. the Author thanks Vannikovoy Ulyana and Svetlana Krivoshlykova for Italian and assistance in the preparation of the interview.

And in the United States?Everything develops according to the worst-case scenario

Alexander Stesin, a new York oncologist, the son of Russian immigrants in the lastthe waves. His recently published book “new York’s bypass”, which talks about human suffering, about how people meet cancer, and often death.

– the Situation is dire. Now have to cancel all non-urgent operations and other procedures, to provide space to as many patients Kovalam-19. My specialty is particularly problematic as we are talking about cancer, the treatment of which cannot be postponed. We try to provide treatment to all who need it. But for cancer, every trip to the doctor is an additional risk of Contracting coronavirus. In General, the situation is very tense, in particular because of the lack of necessary things from masks to artificial lungs. What will happen next, no one knows at the moment everything is developing according to the worst scenario. I really hope that somehow through all this. Hope that in the coming weeks and even months things will get better, alas, is not necessary.

Alexei Filippov