Sunday is a day like any other for Pierre-Luc Funk. He works, learns his texts, plays in the evening at the Montreal Improvisation League (LIM), watches films, takes the opportunity to relax. And if he had a second chance like in the Plan B series where we can see him now, what would he do? “I wouldn’t change anything major. I wouldn’t change major stages of my life, because that’s how you learn. I might erase a few silly things I did, though! »

“When you do this job, you agree to work anytime, weekdays as well as weekends, so Sunday is a day like any other. In fact, it’s the day that I persist with my parents to make them understand that I work! “You work ? Come on, it’s Sunday!” I explain to them that my life doesn’t work like that, that I don’t do 9 to 5. Sunday is not always synonymous with rest, I don’t have a routine. I can rest on a Wednesday and work on weekends. Sunday evening is also the time when I do improvisation at the LIM, the Montreal Improvisation League, at the Lion d’Or. I invite you, the game has evolved, it is very fast, and the shows are really impressive! »

“I’m a big brunch fan, but weekdays! Because Sunday is brunch day for everyone and there are far too many waits in restaurants! Thursday is perfect, there is no one, so I have brunch on Thursday. My family is very strong on brunch while I prefer to receive at home for dinner. For a good brunch, on Sundays, we meet at my parents’ house when I’m not working, we make savory and sweet pancakes. It’s a beautiful family day, we go back to basics. I like ! »

“On Sundays, very often, I learn my texts and I prepare my week. It’s a day when I take the time to take a good bath. I recently discovered bath salts! I also use it to watch movies. Recently, I discovered Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, a film about a little shell who lost his family. We are in solidarity with Marcel, it is an excellent Sunday film, I recommend it to everyone. I like to watch the classics, I’m a fan of Pixar and Disney movies. On this day of the Oscars, I like to catch up on the films that are nominated, I really liked Everything Everywhere All at Once and Triangle of Sadness. Still, my favorite director is Quentin Tarantino and I have to say that if I get into Kill Bill, I know it’s going to be an intense Sunday! »

” Did you finish your homework ? This is the phrase you hear on Sundays when you are of school age. I didn’t like school too much, so Sunday was the last day I was okay before starting my little school nightmare all over again. I felt the stress of tomorrow. When I was younger, I remember my two sisters playing ringette and softball, so I found myself sitting in arenas with a little chocolate milk. At that time when there were still video clubs, I liked to go and rent a movie, and we played Mario Kart with my little sister, ”recalls the comedian.

“I have a girlfriend who loves to go for walks!” I enjoy walks in the forest, I’m always up for it, but in Montreal, I’m not the type to walk the streets without having a goal! I walk to get a coffee. I live in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, and there are a few places that I like, like Café Hélicoptère, where the pastries are excellent, and I must admit that the squash coffee is my indulgence! It is also a restaurant in the evening which serves very good dishes. There is the Supernat café, located across from the Denise-Pelletier theatre. I like to go to work there, I write a few little sketches, then I go home. In the evening, it is at the bar Le Trèfle, an Irish tavern that belongs to my friend Rémi-Pierre Paquin, that I meet some friends for a drink. As for restaurants, I love going there on Saturday nights, I like Montreal Plaza, Impasto and Jun I for its excellent sushi. »