The hot water in the summer of 2020 will start off in Moscow on 1 July. The dates for the annual prevention has moved the pandemic coronavirus, according to the TV channel Moscow 24.

The usual rules will remain the same – the work duration will not exceed 10 days. In the regions – two weeks.

"When water is turned off, generally uncomfortable. I think I need to think, to come home, put the water, still some things up, cook a meal and that’s all on one stove, four burners. Confusion and pomatia occurs in two hours, three" – said the Muscovite Sergei Sapronov.

Some residents of the capital are installing the heaters, thus the problem of summer overlaps eliminated.

The schedule of disconnect of hot water in Moscow is traditionally placed on the website MIPC and portal In order to find out the schedule specifically for your home, you must enter a search string in the address.

With regard to the accounting of water consumption, experts recommend at the time of prevention to turn off the tap with hot water. In addition, in certain cases, you can request a recalculation.

"If you have a metering device for hot water and this water is not, accordingly, you do not pay, but if payment is made according to the norm, the lack of water should be recalculated. Accordingly, in order to start it, you need to contact an emergency dispatch service," explained the Executive Director of the "utilities control" Svetlana Razvorotneva.

Similarly, allocation or exemption from payment for hot water can be achieved if it is delivered to the apartment later than the date specified in the schedule, or was inadequate temperature. In this case, as the lawyer said Marina Sinyukova, you must contact the management company.

Earlier it became known that the JSC "MOEK" launched additional online service to the schedule of disconnect of hot water in homes. In addition to a website "MIPC Online" the service is provided and on the main portal of the organization.