Normally, site “Alimaus prevails in the days of” close to the Hamburg Reeperbahn dense crowds. In the dining room one of the largest soup city kitchen, there are two Times a day a free meal for the homeless and the needy. However, in the Corona-crisis is to be found there, no visitors. to protect

To the approximately 300 guests, and the largely volunteer staff from infection with the Coronavirus, the castle, the Catholic establishment in the middle of March their goals. “We have done this with a heavy heart, but for all parties Involved, a reasonable expiration, unfortunately, is not possible,” says Director Christiane hard head.

soup kitchen is in emergency mode

Meanwhile, the “Alimaus returned” to a limp – at the Insistence of the Hamburg social authority. “The city can and wants to take their own measures,” criticized the head. Instead, they rely rather on volunteers. The work now for a few days in the kitchen to your clientele Packed Lunches with fruit, chocolate bars and biscuits to offer. The issue was moved to the outside. “At the Moment, around 80 people a day. But I reckon in the next few days with a bigger rush,” says Hartkopf.

in Addition, some of the helpers also go with a Kombi on Tour, to distribute lunch packets to various locations in the city. “We work only with the absolutely necessary number of employees.” Fortunately, there were enough young people to tackle with. Seniors who belong to the risk group, don’t want to use at the moment.

“Many people feel closed, extremely lonely,”

The showers of the “Alimaus” remain – how many other homeless facilities in Hamburg and other German cities – more. For your clientele, it is an enormous challenge. “Many of the homeless can shower or use the bathroom,” says Hartkopf. Pledge to collect or to Beg off the case in the currently deserted the inner cities. “Many people feel extremely lonely.”

The city of Hamburg has responded to the needs of, and offers opportunities to shower in a swimming pool in St. Pauli. It has also extended its winter emergency program. It offers 650 berths in two mass accommodation, the stay now until the end of may. By “adapted, loose assignment”, that allows the compliance with the required distances. According to the social Senator Melanie Leonhard (SPD) is to secure the provision of homeless people.

criticism of mass accommodation for the homeless

For hard head is a Farce. “The measures are neither sufficient, nor go in the right direction.” Everywhere is going to be called to stay at home and avoid contacts. Almost all homeless people were part of the Corona-risk group.

“How can rooms then a mass accommodation, with multi-bed as a good solution to sell?” The “Alimaus”-Manager agrees with the claim of many social organisations, the homeless people in single rooms in a currently vacant hotel to accommodate. “I’m sure that there are in Hamburg farms, which would provide for a refund a couple of rooms available.”

a Lot of courage, actions in the cities

In Berlin was opened this week, already a youth hostel with 200 seats for the homeless. In Mainz, the Hotel “InnDependence” of the society for psychosocial facilities gpe offers since a few days, a total of 30 beds. The cost for accommodation and food for the city takes over. The recovered persons were glad to rest, and to be able to sleep all night, says spokeswoman Susanne Schneider.

In addition, anywhere of private initiatives are currently organizing support. In many German cities, so-called gifts of the fences were to equip the helpers with food, blankets and clothing. In Hamburg, the Reeperbahn cult pub elbschloss Keller, whose normal operation rests, food, and clothing to the needy out there.

In Lübeck have been set up portable toilets for the homeless, to help you with your Situation during the Corona-crisis. At the time all the Restaurants, shops and Hotels were closed in the city, the homeless Agency a huge problem if you need to relieve themselves. The Left, of the St. Marien Church and the homeless assistance Lübeck announced a co-operation of the party on Sunday. In Lübeck, there are reported to be no public toilets in the city centre.

Christiane Hartkopf encouraged in this difficult time to the homeless reach out and ask if they need help. “Many of them are incredibly grateful, if you give them just a bag with fruit and something to drink in the Hand.” Because many of the helpers disappear currently, and facilities remain closed, searches for the panel in addition, people who pack food and deliver. Also food donations are welcome.

I need help, I would like to

FOCUS help-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

keepers, freight forwarders, panel operator: Germany’s heroes in times of crisis PCP keepers, freight forwarders, panel operator: Germany’s heroes in times of crisis