Scandalous Yekaterinburg schemamonk Sergius Romanov on the eve of the deprivation of his rank, turned to YouTube for parents to send their sons to serve in the army. In it he called the Russian officers “abomination of the earth Russian”, participants of military actions – “devils in the flesh” and simultaneously lashed insults at the President – the Supreme Commander, as well as Patriarch Kirill.

the statements of the founder of Sredneuralskaya convent of St. Sergius caused a strong protest among the military. Here that on this occasion said “MK”, the Chairman of the Presidium of all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, the Hero of the Russian Federation major-General Sergey Lime:

-the statements of this insane criminal and sectarian, reading the text written by him, caused righteous indignation among the officers. I received numerous calls from military officers, who passed the hot spots, were awarded military orders and medals, saved the lives of countless people.

the Russian officer always provides peace and protection, often at the cost of his life. The whole world respects our officers. And no one, especially costumed, crazy is a criminal, has no right to insult people with the dignity and honor of wearing officer’s insignia.

According to Sergei Linden, a former priest of the Novels has no moral right even to speak about the officer corps.

-I have read the biography of this strange man, – says the Hero of Russia. – His life speaks for itself. He came to work in the police, where he was ejected for an accident in which he caused the deaths of people. Then moved to trade, where he was caught stealing state property. Then with accomplices in the Commission of the robbery, they killed a man. While Romanov was not just a random partner, personally and brutally finished off the victim. And this is only proven crimes! The result of Romanov has served 13 years and after his release he entered the Moscow theological Seminary. And from there he was expelled! So what is this criminal and ignorant have the right to talk about such concepts as “officer’s honor”, “service to Fatherland”, “valor?”.

the same thing, says Linden, applies to a strange young man, who is standing in the video next to Romanov posing as an officer.

-If it is not disguised and, indeed, for some absurd coincidence, wore officers ‘ stars, – the expert believes, that it is likely expelled from the service. Or he ran away. The other options are not see, these characters don’t have to wear the proud name of the Russian officer. She is a random people in the ranks in someone else’s place, even in his appearance and manner of behavior clearly, not to mention the moral component. The officer there is nothing.

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