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– Avoid to be Severin Superb also this easter, was of health and care services ms. Bent Tall (H) encouragement to the population.

attorney general Monica Mæland (H) opened with to reassure those who were worried about how the emergency response would be in the country, now as it goes towards the easter holidays.

– emergency Preparedness and response in Norway is just as good this easter as in past years, underlined Mæland.

She said that health care was prepared for both the expected and unexpected events, but also asked the people to take into consideration in your holiday.

” We will continue to encourage all to not expose himself to unnecessary danger now in easter. It is all about to avoid to light a fire in the wild, not having a party, or collections. Take a boat trip on the fjord, but use a life jacket. Show turvett, show båtvett – in all, use your head, ” says Mæland.

the Numbers may rise

Health Bjørn Guldvog, director at the Norwegian institute of public health, Camilla Stoltenberg, was also present when the two the government briefed the press on Wednesday afternoon.

Guldvog said that it had been done a good job of getting down smittetallet, but said that people do not have to be careless, even though there now is a holiday and many want to draw outdoors.

He hoped that the entire population should get the new a few quiet days at easter, but said at the same time that the same actions will still apply.

– Remember, a good distance, two meters and a maximum of five people together in groups, is what we shall try to get to, says Guldvog.

He also said that one must take height for that smittetallene may rise in the next few weeks because many norwegians have come back from abroad.

– There have been many people from abroad the last few weeks. Many of these may be infected, and this can affect the smittetallene the next few weeks, said Guldvog at the daily press conference about koronasituasjonen.

Camilla Stoltenberg says the measures were introduced 12. march has proven to have good effect, but encourages people to still be vigilant.

– We have won precious time, and we must use well, ” says Stoltenberg.

The latest figures from public health shows that the disease has cost 93 lives in Norway. 3010 is confirmed infected, and 248 are admitted to the hospital. Call each other

the ministry of Justice and beredskapsminister Mæland spoke further about those who are alone during the holidays, and that many people feel extra alone because of the isolation, quarantine and the general call to avoid close contact with others.

– Many now feel that they lose they get berøringspunktene they have with other people, ” says Mæland.

She therefore urges people to sacrifice an extra thought to those who may be alone or lonely.

– Effort is about to contribute in very many different ways, so if you can’t make a call on with each other, so we can call each other, ” says Mæland.


yesterday, it became known that the government would release up on some of the koronatiltakene that have been introduced, and that Norway now will gradually be re-opened.

Among other things, will nursery and primary schools to open its doors the 20. and 27. april.

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the Reopening is in keeping with how Denmark’s prime minister Monday said that they want to gradually reopen the Danish society.

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health minister Tall said that the government had received many questions about why it was the school for the youngest and child care centers that opened first.

the minister for health, said that the safety was well taken care of.

What we know is that there are few children who are suffering in this epidemic, and that they have had little importance for further infection, ” says High, and refers to Sweden, where open schools has not led to that the child has been sick.

He says that the open schools and kindergartens a little later than the experts ‘ recommendations to be on the safe side.

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