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In challenging times, it is important to plan for the future.

To justify the oil and energy minister Tina Bru (H) the government’s proposal to light out 36 new oljeblokker. The proposal was this week sent on a public hearing.

It is a geologically well-known areas to the west in the Norwegian sea. Here is expected only to find the smaller oil wells that may be linked to the already planned or existing infrastructure. Each year, open the government for exploration in such blocks.

– Regular access to new exploration acreage is critical to further develop our largest industry and maintain oljeaktiviteten, says oljeministeren in a press release.

She says further exploration of these areas is in demand by the oil companies.

Waiting for even lower oil prices

Equinor has said the cuts 30 billion investments, oil exploration and operation.

Monday was the price of oil down in 22,58 per barrel, the lowest since 2004. The president and ceo in Equinor says we need to be prepared at even lower prices.

Access to new exploration areas is therefore a priority for a little bit later, we shall believe Equinor-chief Eldar Sætre.

– We are totally dependent on finding more oil and gas, and the world will need oil and gas in all the high scenarios. So this is something we have to work with in the future. But right now is enough focus on the activities we have ongoing, and that is the most imminent.

at the same time bedyrer he that the most important thing for the oil industry now is to contribute to maintaining the activity.

Equinor-chief Eldar Sætre

Photo: Arne Flatin / NRK

He is attuned with the director of communications in the Norwegian oil and gas, Tommy Hansen:

– This is an industry that is long-term. The industry is concerned about what to do after koronaviruset. It is well accustomed to think in long horizons. As new blocks for exploration, we look at as important.

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the Government’s announcement of new oil fields contribute only to lock the oil industry firmly in a market that is flowing over of oil with a historically low rate.

It says chief analyst at Nordea, Thina Saltvedt. She believes the government is trying to use known medicine of new problems that need a different cure, and justifies it like this:

chief analyst at Nordea, Thina Saltvedt

Photo: Johan B. Sættem

If oil prices remain low over a longer period of time so it will take time before companies are in position to increase exploration efforts. If they come there again, will the demand be in steep decline when the oil from these blocks about a ten year time finally is ready for the market, believes the analyst.

the oil industry need help to change, and to become less dependent on prissvingningene. Not to lock them into a market where future prospects are characterized by increasing uncertainty.

Corona should provide the green replacing the

From his office in Paris came the mighty boss of The international energy agency, Fatih Birol, with a call to the Norwegian government last week:

Krisepakkene should be used to invest in clean energy, he said to the News.

Fatih Birol head of The international energy agency IEA.

Photo: Benoit Tessier / Reuters

And while energisjefen believe koronakrisen should give green shift, think Equinor-boss that the corona can contribute to it.

– It may get a lot of positive things out of this that will take us faster in the direction of a green shift. I think we are going to get a lot of ideas and thoughts about how we can drive in the direction of a lavkarbonsamfunn with the help of new technology, ” says Eldar Sætre.

– this Means that Equinor will use koronakrisen to reinforce the focus on renewable energy?

– our Focus now in the crisis is to deal with it, avoid the risks of infection and maintain activity and production. So is the strategy our firm. It is clear that we should develop as a broad based energy company and be competitive in a lavutslippsframtid. There is no change in the strategy because of koronakrisen, ” says the cio in the Equinor, Bård Glad Pedersen.

Krisepakke for oil

A believes the government is going backwards into the future when they will assign new oljelisenser the way the world looks today. The party believes the new oljeblokker makes us extra vulnerable in korona and the oil crisis.

Still voted A for krisepakken as the Parliament presented on Tuesday. There are several of the measures designed to keep the activity up on the Norwegian continental shelf:

the Government must consider and promote proposals for investments in the oil and gas industry and the supply industry in the revised nasjonalbudsjett. 130 million extra to oljeforskning and new technology to promote the sustainable extraction of resources, long-term competitiveness and continued profitability in the Norwegian oljenæring.

Why voted you for this in krisepakken Tuesday?

We are hesitant to increase allocations to the group, but since we got major support on a range of environmental measures as carbon capture and storage, increased investment in offshore wind and money into emission-free, uk, we were on a little increase, ” says Lars Haltbrekken in SV.

When it comes to the point to consider oil investments, says Haltbrekken that A did not have committed to support the proposals the government had come up with.

It was far more serious proposal on the table from the conservative party and the Sp for major cuts in CO₂ tax for the oil industry. There we got stopped.

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