The government wanted to put the bracelets on which are under the quarantine: there is already an example

South Korean authorities have announced plans to introduce bracelets for tracking people that do not comply with quarantine regulations. The officials of the Republic warned that to ensure compliance with the isolation required more stringent controls.

such “draconian” as it may someone, probably, seem, the measures South Korea is forced to turn due to the fact that among those 57 thousand people, which today ordered to remain at home, there are those who find ways to circumvent bans. For example, they go outside, leaving behind their smartphones, which is currently used to track movement.

Electronic wristband, referred to, are connected to a mobile application through which authorities will be able to control the movement of the person quarantined. If the device is damaged, authorities will be immediately sent a notification.

“After careful consideration the government has decided to put electronic bracelets on people who violate the rules of self-isolation, in particular, go out without notice and does not answer the phone”, – quotes news Agency Yonhap, the South Korean Prime Minister Chong Se-Kyung.

However, to get people to wear the bracelets in the form of an order is unlikely to succeed. South Korea is proud of its democratic achievements, therefore, to introduce the bracelets are actually for the surveillance of citizens is not so easy. The representative of the South Korean health system Yoon Hyuk admits that there are problems with confidentiality, but says: those tracking bracelets are necessary because the number of people under quarantine, has grown in recent weeks.

According to the centers for control and prevention of disease, in South Korea at least 886 of 10480 recorded in the country cases of infection with coronavirus was associated with the arrival of people from abroad.

From April 1 introduced a rule, trabulsefrom all newly arriving from abroad to South Korea to be held in isolation for 14 days.

Lee, Beom Seok, an official from the South Korean Ministry of internal Affairs and security, said that the government cannot force people to wear bracelets, but violators will be asked to sign a consent form for wearing a tracking device. Those who agree, you can count on the indulgence of Themis. After all, violate the isolation people in South Korea can be sentenced to prison up to one year or to a fine equivalent to $8200 for violation of quarantine restrictions.

If the person under isolation, quarantine violates the rules (goes out without notice and did not return calls to verify the state of health), he will be sued and asked to wear the bracelet until the end of his prescribed period of quarantine. Put under the law the punishment will be in the case of cooperation with the authorities easier.

So, in a sense, the wearing of bracelets will have a “voluntary-compulsory” character. And the Korean centers for control and disease prevention (KCDC) said that expecting “active cooperation” on the part of those who are quarantined. It is significant that the recently held Ministry of culture, sports and tourism of the Republic of Korea the survey of 1,000 adults nationwide showed that 80.2 per cent of people support the idea of using electronic bracelets to monitor persons in quarantine.