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During a press conference on Tuesday told prime minister Erna Solberg that there will be seven changes in the ongoing koronatiltakene, and that this was the start of a gradual reopening of Uk.

– What we do now, is to open up a little. But I want to emphasize as strongly as I can, that this does not mean that we can be more reckless in other areas. Other remedies and advice is still, ” said Solberg (H).

So should Norway gradually reopened: the Kindergartens open 20. april In violation of the advice

Two of the changes that were presented today, was that Norwegian kindergartens will open up again 20. april, while the students in the 1. to 4. step will be able to return to school a week later, the 27. april.

This is not in line with the ekspertutvalget as on a mission from the government has considered whether the kindergartens and schools should be re-opened assessments.

– the expert group does not recommend that the current national stengningsvedtak be continued, it says in the report.

Selection meant that the entire barneskoletrinnet, from the first to the seventh class, could be re-opened one week earlier the 20. april, if practical smittevernhensyn was taken care of.

WAITING: Erna Solberg (H) waiting longer to open the schools than the professionals recommended.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

– If opening of the entire primary stage is not practically possible to recommend the group of experts that the youngest children receives priority, and that health care, in day care and 1.-4. step with the SFO must open, write your selection in the report.

Also the ministry of Health would open barneskolene at every step.

– We suggested a slightly larger range, from 1.-7. step. The government has very many good arguments for it have chosen, and I think it is a wise consideration, says director Bjørn Guldvog at the NTB.

Camilla Stoltenberg, director of the Norwegian institute of public health (FHI), says that it’s difficult to know what effect it has had to close schools.

– We’re working on it but there will be uncertainty about this a long time. It will be difficult to know about this before we have systematic utprøvinger, says Stoltenberg to NRK.

She says that the opening of the schools can help to establish a good infectious disease among children in kindergarten – and school age.

Report: Krisetiltakene costs 24 billion in the month

CLOSED: How will schools and nurseries in the Uk look out for a while.

Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix Shall have all of the school prior to the summer

On the question of why the government have landed on a different assessment than ekspertgruppa, says prime minister Erna Solberg that it can be challenging to maintain the new smittevernregler at a school.

” It will be difficult to get a full school with all the students in the classroom. Then, if you manage maybe not to get this to work, also is it the smallest of which has at least the advantage of home teaching, ” says Solberg to NRK.

At the press conference said the prime minister that the government’s goal is that all students “in one way or another” to come back to school again until the summer, but that it is still important that you do not become careless and lower your shoulders because it is now done changes in koronatiltakene.

– Teachers and parents must feel a sense of security to what we do, it is a prerequisite for what we do that the parents will send their children to school, she says to NRK.

the Leader in It, Steffen Handal, writes in a comment to NTB that he relates to the government decision on the gradual opening of schools, kindergartens and SFO.

He emphasises that it is important that it comes clear national guidelines for how smittevernreglene to be practiced.

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