the Authorities in Russia were not ready for the emergence of even the germ of revolution. And the situation in Khabarovsk is very similar to the beginning of the revolutions in neighbouring countries — marches, blocking streets, encampments of protesters. “It’s zugzwang. Everyone understands that we need to do something, but can’t offer any prescription,” said us General, retired FSB Alexander Mikhailov. But analyst Alexei Makarkin predicted severe long-term consequences of the Khabarovsk protests to Federal authorities.

Flown to the region Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev samivel that people have a right to Express their opinion and a lot of people came out to support Furgala. But then he added that the government did not successfully work. A very strange statement: people massively came out to support poorly performing authority.

– we Have in the state are not developed measures to counter this kind of mass protests. Any control of the masses — is a high art. We have these artists no, – said the “MK” the General of FSB in resignation Mikhailov. Today everything is based solely on how to break through the knee, to initiate the public from the point of view of what it’s all paid, everything is a conspiracy, the 30 pieces of silver — that through all this nonsense, which is now actively begin to throw.

Deputy Prime Minister Trutnev said that this is because the local government was working badly…

– In this case, people are tired of many things, from the dictates of the same “United Russia”, are connected with the relation of government to people. Take even the recent vote on the amendments. According to the same Pamfilova it turns out you do no one can call you, because everything is already taken constitutional, your job is to come in and throw a sheet… that the people resent terribly. Internal negative energy accumulates and none of this energy is not trying to understand. I don’t think that Furgala was a fantastic achievement that in the two years it has improved people’s lives, but it was a figure which clearly is not sympathetic to the center.

– That is, arrest Furgala was just the spark?

– We must really understand who is really indignant, they say we elected the man, and you arrested him, someone says: how is it that 15 years have passed, and now I remember. What kind of canned emergency ration which can be opened at any time irrespective of the period of limitation. How exactly are we to explain this? Man three times was the Deputy of the State Duma, it missed out on the governorship. Who would believe in these explanations? Because by and large, in prison along with Forgalom have to sit down those who owned these materials and have not taken measures to punish. This is zugzwang. Everyone understands that we need to do something, but can’t offer any prescription. The history of phaving that mass protests, even revolution, was started with a very small reason.

But what to do now?

– these meetings did not put forward any political figure who will lead people. While there is such a spontaneous protest, we need political art the ability to interact with the crowd. We have to compromise, to seek a dialogue.

For our government to recede — means to show weakness.

– Probably the biggest mistake would be if our propagandists would start to look there is someone’s hand, any machinations that will lead the old tale about paid these 30 thousand. In fact — begin to motivate law enforcement agencies to force the suppression. To justify it. And violent suppression in Khabarovsk can lead to a surge of protest in Yekaterinburg or somewhere else… We were, of course, exactly.

Deputy Director of the Center for political technologies Alexei Makarkin believes that the protest got out of control local authorities:

– Obviously a part in this team Furgala. But now this team is hardly interested in tent camps. Because she wanted to show the scale, but did not expect that the scale will be so large. The question arises, and upravlyat whether they are still in this process? After all, there was a strong grassroots reaction.

a Spark blew now to put out the fire necessary?

– of course we Need to extinguish. But it’s easy to say. And how to do it? After all, even a vote for the amendments shows that there is protests was higher than in average in Russia even before the arrest Furgala. Probably you need a serious dialogue with society, we need to show that the center is interested in the development of the Far East that the far East — your. Need a mediator that will talk to people. But where can I get and who will it be? Not even a summons, and the style of protest, she reminds the Moscow protests. View slogans – “We are here”. Or requirement of lustration. And I think that lustration is there some other meaning is given. If in Moscow, the requirement to punish those who impede democracy, that there is more of antielitnye call. And so, too, will be difficult to have a dialogue with people. The Governor Furgal for them antielitnye figure. He is the elite, of course, but it’s the man who sold the yacht. And it is symbolic.

In Moscow Regardie copes…

– In Moscow it is possible to explain to resguardar that against them snickering Muscovites, rich in mink coats, the Nazis, Bandera, agents. Easy, at least for now, to explain to children of worker and peasant families that against them socially alien enemies. And there are people who live next door. There are problems with overclocking much more. Attempting to forcibly disperse the people to excite. Remember UKRyan did it happen? The worst option is the direction riot police attempt to suppress by force.

You said that revolutions start in the capital…

– the Revolution of the provinces did not start, but the people in Moscow will see what is happening there. Now, when people came out of quarantine, there was an element of euphoria. But then begins the question of the economy. And in the 21st year will be the parliamentary elections. Will there be a rebound in the economy plus? Economists predict that the rebound may not be. So the Duma elections can be a very difficult campaign. With the requirement of registration of opposition candidates. And we saw what happened in Moscow in 2019, when the fall in the economy was not, and was sad stagnation, and the issue price, the elections to the regional Parliament, was less. And yet — what scale was the exit of people when there was an attempt to promote “Moscow business”?

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