the Federation Council at a joint meeting of the Committee on foreign Affairs and Committee on defense and security discussed the results of the evacuation of Russian citizens, who were abroad during a pandemic coronavirus. Despite the fact that the majority of Russians responsible approach to his return, some citizens prefer to remain on holiday until expiration of the permit. They somehow believe that they in any case will take a day or two.

the Epidemic of the coronavirus, swept every country of the world has led to the fact that thousands stranded abroad Russians requested on emergency evacuation to the Homeland. Returning citizens home involved several Federal agencies and their subdivisions, including situation and crisis management centre of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, which receives requests from the Russians around the world.

About the removal of the Russians at Home in the Federation Council said the head of the Department of the foreign Ministry Mikhail Petrakov during the joint meeting of the committees on foreign Affairs and on defence and security.

According to Petrakova, in the period from 18 March to Russia by air evacuated 224 724 thousand of the citizens from 73 countries.

Removal of Russian citizens from neighboring countries is also a railway road.

According to the foreign Ministry, the Russians are in 187 countries and the evacuation continues. As the head of the situational crisis center of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the most problematic situation with the evacuation happened in the countries where the Russians traditionally spend a vacation – Thailand, India, Turkey, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

the Situation is complicated by the fact that many Russians, who on a regular basis live abroad, often do not rise to the Consulate, which according to officials, makes it difficult to compile lists for evacuation.

Another issue, as noted by Mikhail Petrakov, is the low level of civil responsibility of some citizens who refuse to evacuate prior to the expiration of the permit.

“We encountered situations when people were asked to leave resort areas. And they tell us, “Look, we have two paid left that we have to leave. Then take out!”. This is a serious political-psychological problem, because then emotions arise like “left Us!”. And its not throw. We have to deal with this all the time, especially at ambassadorial level,” – said the head of the situational crisis center of the foreign Ministry.