The foreign Ministry assessed the impact of the pandemic on the electoral campaign in the United States

MOSCOW, April 17 – RIA Novosti. Pandemic COVID-19 will affect the election campaign in the U.S. to predict the outcome of irresponsible, said Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“Epidemic hurt the American economy. There is no doubt that many of the indicators that the current administration had recorded in the asset of its work on the economic agenda, in the near future will be completely different. That is, they are, in many aspects will go into minus. So I understand that the current administration understands this. It is understood by its opponents. On the other hand, we see a multifaceted effort by the U.S. leadership in raising the country out of the epidemic. We see the results of a public opinion poll, see the results of the evaluation, which exhibited the power of the Americans,” – said Ryabkov in an interview to the magazine “international life”, answering the question of how the coronavirus, the economic downturn and the nomination of former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden as the presidential candidate of the Democratic party could affect the presidential campaign.

Ryabkov said that at this stage to undertake a prediction of the outcome of the election would be extremely irresponsible.

“It is basically a thankless task, especially for people from the outside. The more that I’m going back to my favorite topic of strategic communicators, just submit them yourself as they are already trying to otfiksirovat something in my statement that it would be possible to dissect and present my intervention in American internal Affairs”, – he added.

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