the feature film “Krudttønden” premiered, shortly before the country’s cinemas closed down as a result of coronakrisen.

turned down the “Krudttønden” on the terrorist attack in Copenhagen in 2015 reached only to be shown on the big screen in a week before the country’s cinemas closed down as a result of coronasituationen.

Why has SF Studios, which stands for the distribution of the film, now chosen to make “Krudttønden” available digitally to give the film a wider distribution.

It informs the film in a press release.

– We have since the demise of the cinemas work on a solution, which led to “Krudttønden” could be available on digital platforms, now the life in the theaters was so short. The entire film industry is in a baneful situation, which requires that we consider the alternative, says distributionschef at SF Studios, Frederik Juul, in a press release.

He stresses, however, that there is an extraordinary situation, and that the SF Studios, under normal circumstances, would not derogate from the period of 122 days, which usually should go from the films premiere in cinemas, for it must be published by digital platforms.

“Krudttønden” is directed by Ole Christian Madsen, and the action is inspired by the real events surrounding the attack on Krudttønden and the Synagogue in Copenhagen in February 2015, and the film has, among other things Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lars Brygmann and Jakob Oftebro in the supporting roles.

the Film received a theatrical release on Thursday the 5. march in 99 cinemas across the country and managed to sell about 15,000 tickets.

And it is the right decision to make “Krudttønden” available digitally, believes managing director at The Danish film institute, Claus Ladegaard.

“Krudttønden” went only in a very limited period of time in the cinemas. It is a film with significant cultural importance, which deserves a large audience. The film can get now, when it will be published digitally. It is a real and responsible decision to distribute the film on digital platforms, and I hope that it will be of great importance for the movie spread, he said in the press release.

“Krudttønden” published from Thursday, 9. april at SF Anytime, Blockbuster, Viaplay, Apple TV (iTunes), Rakuten TV, Google Play, Canal Digital and the Playstation Store.