After Monday, it was announced that all of the events up until at least 1 June, due to the corona virus will not be able to continue to progress, think about several summer festivals in a different form. The Parade will begin within a month or so later, and the organization of the Festival “think about something else.”

“We’re going to do something about it. But what that was… I don’t know yet,” says Festival director, Siart Smit is in talks with The local newspaper.

It was the intention of the festival on the Dutch island Terschelling, that is, typically, around 50,000 people are welcomed, from the 12th to the 21st of June was to be held.

The companies that have this data to take action, because the action did not have enough time to rehearse, ” says Smith. “They have a six-to-eight weeks for their first time to prepare for it.”

The director will see in June, not the thousands and thousands of people to the island of Terschelling to come. “It’s livemoment on the island, and with all the dramatists, for in the nature, you can’t. However, the urgency with which the artists have in common is huge. They are eager to start creating stories to tell and answers to find. So, we have now to think about what is possible.”

the Parade in a month or so postponed, < / p> The itinerant theatre festival the Parade would be on the 29th of may, starting in Eindhoven, the netherlands, but of course this can’t go on. Therefore, it will take the festival to the city of lights, from June 26 to July 5, will be held. Then, it is a festival, The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

The organization is going to assume that this will continue, and it is, therefore, concerned with the preparatory work. Also, Mojo Concerts, organiser of this event (19-21 June), a Down-The-Rabbit-Hole (3-5 June), the North Sea Jazz festival (10-12 July), and the Lowlands festival (21-23 August), let me know to prepare for this change. Our Concerts will be on his (at the earliest the middle of may, again, have a decision to make.

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The corona virus, in short, The corona virus is spread mainly from person to person via a sneeze, and hoestdruppeltjes. The chances that you will become contaminated by surfaces such as door handles is very small. This risk will be reduced if you get your hands washed. You can have the chance to spread substantially reduce, by at least 1.5 metres away from other people. An infected person is infecting on average two to three other people. The precautions that are necessary in order for this to be cancelled. The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) symptoms. Almost all the deaths involve the elderly or other vulnerable people, such as cardiovascular, pulmonary or diabetic patients. If anyone have the measures of compliance, while reducing their risks. Read here to find out what precautions you should take.