the truce in the Donbass, which entered into force on 27 July, did not last long. OSCE July 28-29, recorded 111 violations on the line of differentiation flashed a brief skirmish with automatic weapons. A former member of the Donbas conflict, the former representative of the people’s militia DND and military expert Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko told “MK”, under any circumstances, the long-awaited peace did come in the Donbas.

What will be the fate of the truce?

Modes of the truce are not working and will not work. On July 28, at a video conference about the future of the Minsk agreement, Kiev has refused commitments. Its representatives are not ready to work with the joint center for control and coordination (JCCC) and again nod to the OSCE. And the OSCE does not want to go on a direct dialogue with LDNR. It turns out, the truce from the outset it was not viable, and in fact already broken.

the Ukrainian mass media write that it was the rebellious Republic conduct attacks. They say that the militia disrupted the peace agreements…

–And no wonder! That’s what they are preparing public opinion to us to put violators of peace agreements. The scheme is simple: like shooting, and then say we replied to the fire from the other side! To prove because it is extremely difficult where the first shots were fired. This old and favorite tactic of Kiev, starting in 2015… in Fairness, on Wednesday morning while only one major fire was recorded. But I’m sure there will be more and more. For sure, will quickly appear and the first victim…

Then why the President Zelensky went to this truce?

Apparently, he tried to initiate a new meeting in Normandy format. But he was given to understand that nothing will come of it, and we need the old agreement to perform, which was signed in Paris.

Why the Kuchma suspended the talks. It at least some confidence caused by the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. But from the whole team, which represents Ukraine in Minsk is the only appropriate professional. And he’s the one who professionally is engaged in dialogue. And now there is no and. What does it mean? Not with anyone now conduct a proper dialogue.

–Who normally breaks the truce? Natsbaty or did the orders come from command of the armed forces of Ukraine?

–On the line of contact is always very motley contingent. There presented the radical nationalists, and ordinary soldiers. And who exactly is firing and disrupts the truce is to say almost impossible. I can say one thing: they are difficult to create these decisions on the other side. There were even cases, when conflicts arose between them.

Some do not want to fight, and the other make?

–Exactly. Apparently, whenlack of a fear of violence to kill innocent citizens of the people’s republics of Donbass. That’s why the clashes on the other side of the trenches sometimes happen. However, there is still more break after all the radicals of natsbatov.

when do you think all these disrupting the truce, the shelling stopped – your prediction?

–Neither of which peace and truce is not out of the question as Ukraine will not be punished. Until then, all these “Christmas”, “Easter”, “bread” and other peace agreements will not work.