Any nuclear missile attack against the US, even with the use of warheads of low power will be met with a nuclear strike from Russia. This was stated by official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. So she commented on the message on the website of the US state Department about the equipment of nuclear warheads of low power of some of the American ballistic missile submarines. She stressed that such response actions are fully consistent with the provisions of the Russian Military doctrine.

the Position of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia regarding the equipment of American weapons warheads low power, in an interview with “MK” explained a leading military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski.

the Russian foreign Ministry and our military have repeatedly expressed concerns about equipping missiles with nuclear warheads of low power. In the sense that it reduces the psychological threshold of use of nuclear weapons. Do the States not understand?

-in Order to understand the background of the issue, it is necessary to start with the “Overview of U.S. nuclear policy”, which was released last year. It mentioned the possibility of nuclear strikes against non-nuclear States. With this position of the associated military-technical policy of the United States in the region to reduce the power of the whole family of nuclear weapons.

They started with tactical nuclear bombs deployed in Europe, and continued fighting nuclear parts for nuclear ballistic missile submarines “Trident”. They will also be upgraded with power reductions of Intercontinental ballistic land-based missiles “Minutemen”.

the Concept is as follows: in view of the increasing accuracy of missiles, and bombing, now requires less output payload for the destruction of various objects. In this regard, the collateral damage, which is applied to all that is next to destroy the object, is minimal. During the fighting, you can use small and ultra-small nuclear warheads, how would a nuclear war not starting.

-a Sort of not affecting the territory of the United States mini-nuclear war on foreign soil?

-Well, Yes. For example, in a review of missile defense – this document relates to the development of US missile defense systems and systems of warning of missile attack – the Americans have already mentioned that a pre-emptive strike on the positions of the ballistic missiles of a potential enemy, allegedly, is an act of defense in the interest ABOUT the United States.

And when these puzzles all put together, it turns out that they seem ready to use mini-nukes, not counting all this nuclear war.

-similar to the theory of limited nuclear war of the times of confrontation between the USSR and the USA.

-Yes, it runs with 70-ies of the last century, when Americans develop��of alas doctrine of limited nuclear war in Europe. Under this very doctrine in Europe, they planned to deploy its medium-range missiles “Pershing”, placed nuclear bombs on the border of the GDR and the FRG. In accordance with this doctrine the Americans were planning that war in Europe would begin with the use of nuclear weapons, but there’s also, supposedly, will end.

however, during Soviet times, the answer to that was simple: if you apply at any us nuclear weapons stationed in Europe, we will answer a blow to Washington. Now the same situation.

-Actually, Vladimir Putin in one of his speeches said that we will not see whence it came, will reply those who gave the command to such use.

Yes, he said, will reply on staff, according to nerve centers. And we absolutely do not orientirueshsya on powerful this warhead, or not very powerful, full answer. And now the military-political leadership of the United States on every Dodge there, invent some ways to eat fish, and, as they say, to sit comfortably. But us is not held.

And it depends not only on Putin’s statements, and, moreover, not from the words of Maria Zakharova. We have it clearly spelled out in the Military doctrine States: in the case of use of nuclear weapons in Russia, and it is absolutely independent of its power, Russia will cause a full retaliatory strike on the aggressor. And military doctrine, guidance document for the armed forces of the country. In accordance with him, we have developed all the plans for combat use of our strategic nuclear forces. And in their response to the application shy we won’t. That’s exactly right.