to Abandon the caps from Karakul decided the defense Ministry. Instead of traditional General hats in the wardrobe of officers will appear in caps with a different fur. The main contender for the replacement of the fur of the beaver.

the Amendment is scheduled to make in rations ware property of military men of Armed forces. As stated in the project document, senior officers, colonels and captains of the first rank will be provided fur cap fur with visor is the same, but with lambskin. Issued hats will be at the rate of: one to five years. From Astrakhan the service life of the same. As suggested by the expert on furs, the Victor of Constantinople, to abandon the traditional beautiful furs in favor of more budget the Agency had due to the specificity of Karakul. According to the interlocutor, on the General’s caps fur is special, and Moldavian raw materials, but because of the number of nuances from him had to be abandoned. Of available for the country variants still have Uzbek Karakul, but he’s black, for caps, need grey. Alternatives to beauty of a scratch there. But strength is quite suitable fur of a beaver. Fur master admitted that had already received orders for these hats for the security forces. However, this fur is also imported. Canadian raw materials, and processing – dressing and painting – our.

Hats were not the sole object of an army of wardrobe, it was decided to optimize. As follows from the explanatory note to the draft of norms of supply of military students it is proposed to remove casual shirts long and short sleeve. While the future defenders of the Fatherland will receive more winter jackets, casual suits and oxfords.