the Russian defense Ministry released a video of Russian fighters to intercept American strategic bombers b-1B over the Black sea. The Ministry of defence revealed the details of air operations to prevent provocations with participation of U.S. bombers over the Black sea and the Baltic, near the Russian border.

the US air force deployed bombers b-1B. They are made by stealth technology for low radar signature. The flight of bombers”stealth” USAF passed above the clouds.

According to the Russian defense Ministry, on may 29, the air defense forces of the Western and southern military districts were spotted flying strategic bombers b-1B US air force over neutral waters of the Black and Baltic seas. Russian radars continuously accompanied the U.S. aircraft at a considerable distance from the Russian border.

For high-altitude interception of air targets were raised fighter su-27P and su-30CM active-duty air defense forces of the southern military district. Over neutral waters of the Black sea Russian pilots approached to a safe distance to the aircraft of strategic aviation of the USA and identified them.

then, as reported, the Russian defense Ministry, American bombers changed the direction of flight from the state border of Russia. Russian fighter jets returned safely to the airfield.

“MK” asked to comment on the interception of a member of Council of senior officers of the all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, Honored pilot of the Russian Federation Yury Sytnik.

“Flights of American bombers near our borders have very specific purpose – to show all its power to Flex its muscles, – said the expert. – Say, here, look, we fly, we have missiles, bombs, afraid of us. And our pilots say: no you are not afraid. They fulfill their tasks over the Black sea, and we.

This bomber in the US is considered invisible. They think so. But we, our means of defense it is wonderful to see. At a great distance. Time to raise our fighters and accurately put them on target. So, our fighter jets actually showed the Americans: guys, we see you, our fighters will be accompanying you, be careful”.