Less than a week, since July 1, a unified Europe is going to open its borders to foreigners. At the same time in EU countries must begin the tourist season. But many of those who simply will not be allowed into the EU. The prohibition also included citizens of Russia, USA and several other large countries.

the European Union hopes to reopen borders for tourists since July, but not all will be able to travel to Europe immediately. The entry permit will be issued according to clear criteria which European countries are developing right now.

the Draft recommendations have been prepared, the current presidency of the EU Croatia. According to him, it is proposed to allow entry to citizens of those countries where the level of coronavirus “stable or declining” as well as from countries with “comparable or better epidemiological situation” than in Europe.

This epidemiological criterion is defined as 16-20 new infections registered within 14 days 100 000 people. At the moment, according to these criteria, the EU will not be able to enter the inhabitants of many countries. And they will have to wait until at least July 15: the situation will be evaluated every two weeks, and in accordance with this evaluation, to be announced, the residents of which countries can enter the territory of the European Union.

This means that with high probability, a number of major countries will remain isolated from the EU. Almost guaranteed the ban will be extended to Russia. Our country still ranks third in the world in the number of total cases of coronavirus. And despite the positive trend, EU officials still believe the level of infection low enough to let the Russians into the European Union.

the situation is Even worse in the United States of America. This country by a wide margin ranks first in the number of cases of coronavirus in the world. In addition, it cannot be said that in America, everywhere, the epidemic was on the decline. In some States, such as new York and new Jersey dynamics is encouraging, however, in recent days seen outbreaks in Texas and Florida. In addition, local experts fear a sharp spike in the incidence after mass protests that are held across the United States in connection with the murder of an African-American George Floyd.

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the US is discussing with a number of European countries, the issue of safe opening of borders: “We are looking for the right way to do it, working on correct timing, the correct tactic”.

Guaranteed to Europe will not be able to get the people of Brazil. This country is now experiencing the most powerful blow of the virus. There at the day of incidence at about 30 thousand people, and the total number infected has already exceeded one million. Given the overall dynamics in this South American country, it seems unlikely that Brazilians p��solat entry into Europe not only in the coming weeks, but in the coming months.

Also in the “black list” is in danger of falling India, which occupies the 4th place in the number of infections and on an average day there ill 15 thousand people. The Indians faced the coronavirus later than Russia and the United States, and they are still disturbing the dynamics indicators. In short, the people of this country are also unlikely to count on a quick trip to the EU.

Also almost certainly in the “black list” of the EU will be a small country with a difficult situation for the coronavirus. It’s Mexico and South Africa, where daily sick about 5,000 people; Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Peru (4000 cases per day); and Colombia and Iran (3000 cases per day). In addition, without access to Europe will remain poorer countries of Africa and South America. The EU can not consider them reliable data and objectively assess what the real situation in these countries.

Thus, the European tourism will face serious losses. Europe to lose millions of Russian, American and other tourists. Damage will be distributed evenly.

So, the most popular countries to visit among the Russians that Finland, Estonia, Germany and Italy. Americans often visit Italy, France and Germany. The loss of two such large threads may call into question the entire tourist season in Europe.

Perhaps the restrictions will eventually be relaxed, but at the moment it is clear that until 15 July to enter the European Union, the Russians and the Americans “ordered”.