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the Majority of residents are placed in private by reception in Valer, but ten of them must be moved to Ankomstsenter Østfold in order to Prevail.

The infected employees tested positive for covid-19 on Wednesday and is placed in isolation, confirms the mottaksleder Thor Arne Hauge in the Link As to the NRK.

She followed up that their local health care. But I can’t go into the person’s smittehistorikk now, ” he says.

It is kommuneoverlegen in Valer who has given orders about quarantine.

It has been smitteeksponering at the centre over several days and kommuneoverlegen is concerned over the situation, writes the municipality in a press release.

on Thursday morning were two taxis at the shelter to retrieve the residents who must be moved. It was apparently good mood and several of the rest were out to say goodbye. NRK didn’t get to talk with some of the residents.

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There was a good atmosphere among the residents when ten of them were picked up by taxis on Thursday morning.

Photo: Trond Øyvind Karterud/NRK hit Hard

Mottaksleder Hauge emphasizes that no residents or staff of the reception is infected on Thursday. Residents get to use the shelter grounds, but must keep distance to each other.

Mottaksleder Thor Arne Hauge by Kasper transit centre in Valer says that there are some infected residents at the shelter on Thursday.

Photo: NRK

All of the dining and communal spaces are closed until further notice.

We follow the applicable rules and procedures. If someone were to end up in a situation where they are sick or it is real smittefare, so we have smittevernutstyr to deal with it, ” he says.

Are you worried that there may be many sick?

– We have an epidemic that will infect multiple thousand people in this country. I have no reason to believe that we shall be spared for it. It is clear that it troubles us. We do all the measures we can, but whether they hit or not, we don’t know, ” says Hauge.

Kasper transit center is a state reception centre for asylum seekers. The reception is located in the Mossedistriktet, which has the highest incidence of koronasmitte in the county of Østfold.

64 people are confirmed infected in the Moss and Valer.

Thursday last week died an inmate by Orkerød nursing home in Moss. The resident was detected koronasmitte the same day. A total of five employees and one inmate at the nursing home have now been proven infection.

– It is a demanding situation, ” says mayor Hanne Tollerud in the Moss.

Municipality coming Thursday with a new orientation on the situation at the nursing home.

Major operation

the Mayor Reidar Kaabbel in Valer says that the municipality’s koronateam working hard to get the overview of the situation.

Everyone at the reception is followed now up and we are working to find out how we should handle the situation further, ” he says.

Thor Arne Hauge in the Link tells us that the employees who are quarantined, have been together with the employees who have had proven infection. Mottaksledelsen are now working to replace the crews to get the wheels to go around.

He says that the residents have responded “varying” to be put in quarantine.

– There are 100 people, many languages and people who quite recently has come to the country, so it is a fairly large operation and a large logistics and informasjonsjobb. But they realize the seriousness.

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