The dollar and the Euro will set records for growth without a new OPEC deal+

Especially for “the Russian newspaper” Alain Lapitskaya, the independent expert on personal investment, told how it will continue to change the FX market and whether to wait for new deals on oil OPEC+.

Putin called the decline in oil prices is a serious challenge for the country

– as for the forecasts for Thursday, April 2, – the expert, – that this day is not expected publication of important macroeconomic data that will affect quotations of the Euro and the dollar against the ruble.

during the day we can expect a further decline in ruble because of the fundamental and technical factors to be 79,30-79,50 rubles per dollar and up to 87,30-87,40 of ruble per Euro.

And then it is likely a slowdown in the weakening of the ruble and the beginning of consolidation. This can be expected with the end of the week to the beginning of the second decade of April. But the weakening of the will still be. The maximum dollar and the Euro against the ruble in this period is seen in the area 80,90-of 82.00 and 88,30-89,50 respectively.

In this situation it would be advisable for a cautious selling of the ruble from the current levels and take profits on previously open against the ruble transactions in the event of a consolidation.

Photo: Gabriel Grigorov/TASS the Central Bank has determined the maximum, acquiring a Commission for online shopping,

And now about the impact of the end of the transaction OPEC+ on the exchange rate, the term of which expired on 1 April. Itself on the exchange rate is not affected, because the failure of the transaction is already fully reflected in the quotes earlier. And the probability of signing a new agreement in the near future is very small.

But another effective way to quickly raise oil prices, but a sharp restriction of production and supply on the world market, in the current situation simply does not exist. Therefore, the “oil” currencies, including the rouble, obviously, still ProdoLIAT to decline (the dollar exchange rate can reach 87 roubles, the Euro rate was 93 rubles).

So the “oil” of the currency is now better not to invest. Preference should be given to investing in gold. He still has good growth potential.